New Feature: Shoot Out Emails From 2015!

Experience Innovation!

Sending out notifications and reminders is not something that can be postponed. For Classes who sends out reminders and notifications to a large number of students, Now can turn to the internet and switch on to Classpro.

After giving painstaking efforts last year, It’s payback time!

We have launched the ‘New Email Feature’ to provide you with better and faster notifications.

Along with SMS notifications to parents and students, Email notifications will also be in action from now on.

Notification SMS Email
Login Details
Payment Confirmation
Cheque Recieved
Cheque Bounced
Cheque Cleared
Payment Reminder
Cheque Deposit Reminder
Lecture Scheduled
Lecture Cancelled
Lecture Absent
Test Scheduled
Test Cancelled
Test Results
Test Absent
Custom Message
Faculty Schedule Reminder
Faculty Birthday
Student Birthday
Owner Daily Report

Let’s have a sneak peek at the small but effective changes on Classpro!

  • Notifications:

    • For SMS and Email options, just click on the message icon on the top menu.

Classpro Email Update


  • Custom E-mail with Attachments:

    • Students/Parents: Classes can share notices, reports or study material. Progress reports can also be sent to parents to know their ward’s performance.
    • Leads:  Let other students know what your classes have been providing through Offers and Announcements.
    • Faculties: Lecture and Exam schedules, Salary reports and Batch progress reports can be sent to faculties for a better outcome from students.

Classpro Email Update - Custom Email


  • E-mail History:

    • Check every email status in the ‘Email History’ and we have also provided the filter options to make the search more effective.

Classpro Email Update History


  • Notification Settings:

    • Edit the SMS and Email Settings with just a TICK. You can keep  both the notifications ON or OFF.

New Email Feature


Hope this post sums it all up, Enjoy this new feature!

This remarkable feature on Classpro is an outcome of your feedbacks. Keep on updating us about your reviews, cause someday it might just get live.

January Updates: Simpler the Better!

Reports have always been a major part of the economic growth, So we decided to provide you with a more manageable and detailed report of your coaching institution. Hence, we have come up with a small change in the Report section, Our Moto has been to just make it smoother by differentiating the Admission and Payment reports.


Let’s have a peek at the updated Reports!


Classpro Reports Updates

1.  The Admission Report now presents you with the following details in an improvised manner:

  • Overall Admission
  • Discount
  • Admission Expiry

Classpro Report update- Admission


2.  The Payment Report will provide you with all the information related to fees such as:

  • Outstanding Fees
  • Overdue Fees
  • Fees Received
  • Service Tax
  • Cheque
  • Fees receipt

Classpro Report Update- Payment


3. The Payment section has also come up with two new useful Reports.

  • Cheque Report gives a brief view of all the cleared, uncleared and bounced cheques. Monitoring the cash flow through cheques has just got more efficient.

Classpro Report update-Cheque reports

  • Keep a track of every Fee Receipt that is active or has been deleted, through the new added Report “Fees Receipt” with some useful filters.

Classpro Report Update- fee receipt report


4. There’s a minute change in the position of the Enquiry Report, you can check in the Reports. 

Classpro Report Update - Enquiry


Hope this Post helps you get adjusted to the recent changes we have made.