Product Updates: Feature Enhancement in every nook n corner of Classpro

Hey Fellas! It’s been a┬ámonth since the last blog, I hope you’re eager to know what’s going on Classpro. I’m back with a bag full of product updates.

This month we have solely focused on how to enhance different existing features.

Here, I have listed the product updates along with an image to get a better understanding of what we have provided for you :

1. Expense:

a. We have changed the branch dashboard a bit, A small space has been allotted to show month’s expenses. All the expenditures will be visible in the dashboard, plus we have also modified the graph to show you the ratio of expenses on a monthly basis.

b. Vendor Name filter added for vendor report in Expenses

Expense Vendor

2. Attendance

a. Now you can save the lectures without sending them absent SMS, as we have provided two buttons Save or Save n Send SMS Button in lecture.

b. We have given a whole new interface to the Batch Attendance report. Attendance records of students will be categorised into Good, Average or Poor.

Save and Send SMS and Batch Attendance

3. Fees

a. You can edit each of the instalment if the student is paying more or less than the already defined instalment structure. Add the remaining amount to the next instalment or make a new instalment totally. Hope this makes your work way too comfy for you.

b. The default letterhead provided by classpro can be removed by changing the settings and you can implement your own design for the letterhead of fee receipt or for any PDF while printing.

Instalment Edit and Default Header

4. Miscellaneous

a. A New field has been added in Student/Lead Profile known as Cast/Category. Cast/Category – Filter is also added in Batch Performance.

Cast category

b. Classpro has introduced a new helpbuddy Freshdesk Support for your sudden queries or issues. you can directly email us the queries or browse the help articles on Classpro knowledge base.

Classpro Support

c. Holiday SMS Template has been added to Custom SMS templates.

Holiday Template

d. Download student punches records in the XLS format, this option is available in student profiles.

Punch Records XLS

e. While creating Courses, you can also add an expiry or the instalment structure or both for the particular course.

Add expiry and the instalment structure


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