Product Update: Custom Roles and Services in Classpro

A Very Happy Diwali to all our precious customer(In advance)

Until last week, You had only four roles for inviting different users to Classpro. The roles had predefined rights that restricted the Admin users from defining any other rights for other users.

Most of you, our customers, gave feedback that this causes a lot of problems in managing the data, as other users can also manipulate the data in the Classpro resulting in Data loss. Hence, we took the feedback into consideration for the User roles and services and built a fully customizable User roles where you can create different users, assign different rights and also edit the existing roles.

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SMS Templates : New way for sending the Custom SMS on Classpro

The new update we have in the bag is “Custom SMS Template” which will redefine the experience of sending custom SMS on Classpro.

Send different types of custom SMS without the tension of the messages getting failed.

Let me give you some examples of how it might be useful for you:

1. If you’re conducting any kind of Function in you coaching class, invite all the students and the parents with SMS.

2. As homework plays an important role while running a coaching class and it being the cost-effective way to provide additional instruction in practice, we have added templates that will let you send SMS about homework submission and templates to let parents know about incomplete homework.

3. A parent–teacher meeting is a time when important people in a student’s life can talk about how that student is doing in a coaching class. In order to inform every parent about the meeting date and time, you can use the Meeting template and conduct regular parents – teacher meeting.

Custom SMS Template

If you feel like there are more SMS templates that can be added, Please let us know through feedback tickets or mail. Also, if you are interested in trying out this wonderful feature, Please give a shot to the 7-Day Free Trial on Classpro.

Track each penny with our newly arrived Expense Management Feature


Expense MAnagement Feature

All the folks who tried Classpro have only one question popping in their head, “How can we manage expense and why it’s not there in Classpro?”
Having heard this question a million times over, We made the decision of implementing Expense module on Classpro.

After a month research on expense models and user experience, we came up with a user-friendly design that will manage all you expenses incurred while running coaching classes. As you all must have seen the new expense model showing on the top bar, I’d like to take you to a tour of the add-on facility along with Expense module.

1. Expense Main Module: Just click on Add New Expense, fill all the required details and track your each expense. If you realize that any data entered might be wrong then don’t worry, you can click on “” (three vertical dots)  to edit the details and save it again.

Expense Main module

2. Specialized Expense Report: We provide three different types of report i.e. Overall Expense, Category-wise and Vendor-wise. Get customized report in the form of PDF or Excel using filters.

Expense Reports

3.  Add Expense Categories and Vendors: Other than predefined categories and vendors, you can add them as per your requirement. Old vendors which are not being used can be archived or deleted. Click on the to edit, delete or archive.

Expense Add Categories and Vendors


These were the most awaited features which was expected by our many of our Classpro members. Do let us know if there more on the list  which has to be  implemented on Classpro.  Now no more searching for software which has expense management feature, Just try Classpro – Where you get all the necessary features at one place.

How to manage payments, faculties and other functions with the New Updates

Updates are the key things in Classpro which makes the user experience smooth. Traditionally, assigning faculties and conducting lectures would be very confusing, as well as differentiating payment was impossible on Classpro. This is why we have added new controls.

1. Faculty Branch wise:
– Only Admin and Branch Admin can add, edit or delete the faculty.
– Particular branches can be added to the faculty to whom they are assigned. The faculty will not be seen in other branches to which they are not assigned.

Add Multiple Branches to faculties

2. Payment Category:
– Every payment you enter can be categorized into different sections.
– For eg. If you’re collecting the registration amount along with the fees, you can differentiate the registration amount be assigning them particular category such as “Registration Fee”.

Payment category

3. Miscellaneous Updates:
– Guardian reorder – New Reorder button to arrange them and make the first preferred guardian according to your choices.

Guardian Reorder

– Add to Multiple batches at once – On a single go, you can add multiple batches at once while selecting from the options.

Add Multiple Batches

– Subject wise filter on Admission report.

Subject wise filter


If you’re still not using Classpro to manage your coaching class, It’s not too late!

Click and register for an Online Demo today!!

Are you Missing any Updates from Classpro?


Product-Update May 2015

Oh Yes! It’s been a month and I’m sure you must be waiting for some intimation about the updates. So finally, we have arrived with a box of interesting updates!

One at a time, Explore each of the new updates on Classpro:

1. Group Test
– Separate panel for marking attendance and entering marks.
– Separate/Combined results provided for every subject.
– Exam result can be broadcasted together or separately.

Group Exam Update

2. Webcam Photo Upload
– One of the most awaited Feature, Just Click, Pose and Upload.
– Whenever you’re about to make a student profile, Just Click on “Use Webcam” to upload any photo.

New Webcam Feature

3. Consolidated PDF and Excel Report For Faculty Salary
– The recent favourite PDF and Excel report appreciated by many, the Faculty salary report where you can get more details such as the subject and time allocated to a particular subject and the total salary.

Faculty Salary Update

4. Multiple Collaborators added in the Enquiry
– If you have multiple Staff handling single enquiry and you want to add information about the contributors on Classpro, just go to the particular enquiry and add the Contributor.

Contributors Update

5. Balance and summary in Fees Instalment Form
– It’s a brain-badgering task to arrange the instalments and calculate the money according to it. Sometimes you can’t even understand if a penny is missing in your calculations!
– To avoid these minor problems, We have added a Balance and Summary section in the Configuring fee panel.

Balance and Summary Update

6. Mobile friendly issues solved
– We have finally updated all pop-up dialogue boxes and Date-picker box, sorry for the inconvenience caused earlier. We always want to improve your experience on Classpro.

For most of them, Details about User Roles and the services may be mysterious. To unlock the mystery and to know more details and function of each role, Please click here on roles, Please click here on User Roles and Services

If you’re fond of Classpro and would like to share your views, Kindly Fill the Testimonial form  and get featured on our Classpro Happy Customers.

Product Updates: More automation for you!

Hey folks! I hope you liked our previous post on the 7 free tools! I’m back to update you about the recent changes that have been going on at Classpro.
Teeny-weeny updates, but really you cannot ignore the help they provide you.

Let’s unwrap the list of updates…..


1. Batch Filter
We have added a new filter to the Attendance page, which makes it easier for you to take out timetables for a particular batch.
Have a look!

Batch Filter-Classpro

2. Lecture Reminder
Traditionally, You had to send reminders for every lecture that you create. So we decided to make your task less complicated, By adding a ‘Send SMS’ option. You can send reminders for all the lectures of a particular batch.

Click on Attendance in Lectures, select any batch from the batch filter and click on ‘Send SMS’.

SEND SMS - Classpro


Admission Report:

School/College filter have been added to get a more detailed report.

School Filter-Classpro

Activity Feed:

On a single page, you can see all your notes added by different users on Classpro.

Activity Feed