Classpro is now ready with the power of Instamojo

Classpro - Instamojo Integration

Classpro is providing the best services of quick payment collection to all its users. In this series of upgrades, we at Classpro are happy to give you the access of Instamojo for quick and easy payments from students/parents. If you are someone who is more into online transactions, then you have definitely heard about Instamojo and if you are not, then we are happy to discuss the advantages of it.
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Classpro introduces multiple pages website for Coaching Classes

Having a wonderful website is the key to attract the students, arousing their interest and to get them join for the courses offered in your coaching centre. Your website will be the most important tool to provide your targeted audience with all the necessary details about your coaching class as well as the services that you are offering. It will also play an important role in helping the students to put their trust on you and to join your classes.

classpro payumoney integration

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New Feature: Add, Delete and Update FEEDS of every student!!

Feeds updates

You know the drill folks – you give us a feedback on Classpro and our team will intuitively find a solution. Yup, we heard you when you wanted a small but yet useful feature.

Yeah well, I know remembering each little information about every student is kinda tedious task for our brain.

Let’s not trouble our brain anymore because, We now have added a new feature on Classpro that allows you to maintain notes for the student,as well as leads.

Just head to the PROFILE of any student or lead and you can see STUDENT NOTES, Where you can maintain every piece of information that you need to remember.

Feeds Update Classpro


PS: The Automatic monthly report of students will be sent by email also. So do keep the settings ON!

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