10 Free Online Tools Every Coaching Class Owner Should Know About

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With the internet becoming easily available, its popularity has increased drastically over the past decade and every day more and more people are entering the world of World Wide Web. From making your website social media optimized to reaching out to more students to create a cool logo for your coaching class, everything can be done easily with the help of many free online tools.


Do you want to know what online tools you will need to make your coaching class a huge success? Well, we have shortlisted only the best ones for you.

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How to save your business from the brutal brunt of demonetization

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(A guide on why, when and how to use virtual platforms for cash transactions)

The burning issue (in all measures) in our country today is the demonetization move started by our humble government. While most of us can spend hours at stretch in debating the pros and cons of this rather radical currency shift, it would be wise instead to spend an equivalent gusto in devising ways out of the problem. Simply put, rather than relying heavily on liquid cash, why not think of alternatives to beat it’s need instead?
While most established businesses have their virtual payment mechanisms figured out, it is the small business providers like local coaching institutes who are left pondering about the same. If you run a local tutorial/coaching business, we are well aware of the current sting you are facing. With most fee payments being in cash, you can do nothing about the loss of business you might face, until the economic demonetization stabilizes. Or so you thought! With a plethora of virtual payment options out there, you can easily save yourself from these unavoidable payment hassles.

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Product Enhancement: Student Leave, Batch Performance & Attendance Email and Updated Topic Completion Report

One of the use case missing in Classpro was what if the student is on leave?

Taking this into consideration, we have updated Classpro and along with that topic report has been redesigned and a new student performance and attendance report mailing feature has been introduced .

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Google Drive integration

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We are happy to announce a new integration in Classpro: the Google Drive Integration. Now you will be able to upload files to your Google Drive account and share them with students, in just a few clicks!

Document Sharing:

You can share test related answer papers, notes or any document with the students. The shared document will be accessible to students on Student Login.

Steps for sharing documents with students:
Documents Sharing > Select Students > Upload Document > Click on Share.

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Upload Documents/Files in Student & Faculty Profile:

You can upload students and faculties related documents such as student’s marksheet , admission documents, Identity proof, faculty’s salary slip.
Note: Any document uploaded in student’s & faculty will be viewed ONLY by internal users of your Classpro account.

Steps for uploading documents for student’s & faculty:
Student/Faculty Profile > Click on Documents > Add New Document.

Attach Receipt In Expenses:

You’ve spent some money, created an Expense, and now you want to attach a picture of the Receipt?
No problem, Just select the file while adding expense and click the save button and you’re done.
Let us know what you think and enjoy!