SMS Templates : New way for sending the Custom SMS on Classpro

The new update we have in the bag is “Custom SMS Template” which will redefine the experience of sending custom SMS on Classpro.

Send different types of custom SMS without the tension of the messages getting failed.

Let me give you some examples of how it might be useful for you:

1. If you’re conducting any kind of Function in you coaching class, invite all the students and the parents with SMS.

2. As homework plays an important role while running a coaching class and it being the cost-effective way to provide additional instruction in practice, we have added templates that will let you send SMS about homework submission and templates to let parents know about incomplete homework.

3. A parent-teacher meeting is a time when important people in a student’s life can talk about how that student is doing in a coaching class. In order to inform every parent about the meeting date and time, you can use the Meeting template and conduct regular parents – teacher meeting.

Custom SMS Template

If you feel like there are more SMS templates that can be added, Please let us know through feedback tickets or mail. Also, if you are interested in trying out this wonderful feature, Please give a shot to the 7-Day Free Trial on Classpro.

Track each penny with our newly arrived Expense Management Feature


Expense MAnagement Feature

All the folks who tried Classpro have only one question popping in their head, “How can we manage expense and why it’s not there in Classpro?”
Having heard this question a million times over, We made the decision of implementing the Expense module on Classpro.

After a month of research on expense models and user experience, we came up with a user-friendly design that will manage all your expenses incurred while running coaching classes. As you all must have seen the new expense model showing on the top bar, I’d like to take you to a tour of the add-on facility along with Expense module.

1. Expense Main Module: Just click on Add New Expense, fill all the required details and track your every expense. If you realize that any data entered might be wrong then don’t worry, you can click on “” (three vertical dots)  to edit the details and save it again.

Expense Main module

2. Specialized Expense Report: We provide three different types of report i.e. Overall Expense, Category-wise, and Vendor-wise. Get a customized report in the form of PDF or Excel using filters.

Expense Reports

3.  Add Expense Categories and Vendors: Other than predefined categories and vendors, you can add them as per your requirement. Old vendors which are not being used can be archived or deleted. Click on the to edit, delete or archive.

Expense Add Categories and Vendors


These were the most awaited features which were expected by our many of our Classpro members. Do let us know if they’re more on the list which has to be implemented on Classpro.  Now no more searching for software which has expense management feature, Just try Classpro – Where you get all the necessary features at one place.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Focus on qaulity not qauntity

While running a Coaching institute it is very important to keep a close eye on the quality quotient and ensure it is consistently maintained.

Most of the today’s coaching institutes initially deliver quality, but it slowly diminishes which causes a dent in the image and goodwill of the institute.

Why is it so important to maintain Quality?

Quality maintenance is a key and integral part of any business. Let’s take an example so we all understand this better.

We all hear about 2 new restaurants in town and many of us get into a mad rush of excitement to try those places out –

Here comes first impression factor that plays a key and vital role:

So the first few weeks both the restaurants will try to go all out to make sure the quality quotient is on, an all-time high with moderate or low prices ..Here is where the word of mouth works best and more and more people rush to this new restaurant.

  • Let us say (restaurant 1) does not plan and monitor this stage well then slowly and unknowingly the quality dips and over a period of time the restaurant has to also hike the price owing to a rise in expenses but the quality that is not tracked goes diminishing over a period of time, thus resulting in a decrease of quantity and leading to mismanagement and losses.
  • Now say (restaurant 2) right from the beginning decided to stick only a specific set of dishes and priced them at a moderate rate and right from beginning kept the quality standard and no matter what consistently delivered the same quality not worrying about the quantity. Here in this scenario over a period of time, the quantity keeps increasing and the quality remains consistent ..Multiple branches are opened, but yet the quality factor remained the same. Thus resulting in the increase of quantity and better management of the business.

Key points we all have to learn from the above example are:

1. Decide your specifics that your coaching institute intends to provide or offer.

2. Set your expectations right from the beginning.

3. Reality check periodically is very critical and crucial in understanding the feedback from your clients.

4. Ensure consistency is maintained at all times.

5. “Be original “: It’s alright to draw inspiration but ensure you tickle your creative mind and stick to your originality…

Some tools that can come in handy in gathering effective Feedback are mentioned below:

1. Feedback form: You could roll out a small and concise feedback form which exactly gives you precise information and views you wish to collect. In most cases, if the feedback form is too big the raw perspective gets diluted thus not adding any value

2. Suggestion Box: Keep a suggestion box or put up a Bulletin board with Post it’s that people are free to write or comment. Bear in mind names aren’t important, but feedback is to encourage people and students to express their opinions.

3. Open Door Policy: Always make time for parents and students to approach the management. It so happens in most cases it becomes a layered process where the parent or student needs to wait to share something with the management. Be available always to hear them out. You never know what good idea you might hit on.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking”.

All New Software for Automatic Attendance: ATTENDPRO

Attendpro - from classpro

Attendpro is making a trend for Automatic attendance. If you’re still confused about what Attendpro is then let me help you understand it.

It’s a software designed for biometric machines which will be used as a sidekick to Classpro users. It helps you to automatically mark the attendance by fetching students fingerprints from the biometric machine (Only supports Essl X990).

Let the machine do your itsy bitsy work.

What are the Benefits of Installing Attendpro?

1. No Proxy Attendance: A biometric time attendance system enables you to eliminate student proxy attendance (or buddy punching). Physiological features like fingerprints are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.

2. Real-Time Attendance: Attendpro ensures that the student is personally present to mark the attendance. It uses finger recognition to verify the student’s identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.

3. No Human Interaction: Zero human interaction is needed to mark the attendance. On-line monitoring highlights the immediate display of transactions received from the biometric machine.

Let us find out how Attendpro looks like and what are the function it behold!

1. SCHEDULES: Automatically all the schedules will be fetched from Classpro and will be displayed on Attendpro.

Attendpro - Schedules

2. PUNCH RECORD: It will show the number of students who Punched IN/OUT on the machine.

Attendpro - Punches

3. STUDENTS: Information such as Student ID and Names will be shown respectively.

Attendpro - Students

4. MACHINES: From this panel, you can connect the machine and check whether it is connected with the Attendpro or not.

  • Click on NEW MACHINE to add the machine on Attendpro.
  • You can edit the machine details, Click on Actions and then on Edit.
  • You can check if the biometric machine is connected to your software or not, By using the Test connection function.

Attendpro - Machines

5. SAVE SCHEDULE AFTER: It defines the minutes, after which the attendance will be marked.

For eg. If you set the ‘save schedule after’ time as 15 minutes. Let us assume that your lecture is at 10:00 am, students who will be punching IN till 10:15 will be marked present and the rest will be marked as absent. Attendance will get saved at 10:15 am.

6. IN-OUT DIFFERENCE: These minutes defines a time after which the punches will be recorded as OUT for the Students who were already IN.

For eg. If you set the ‘IN-OUT difference’ as 30 minutes. If a student “A” punches IN at 10:00 am, if “A” tries to punch multiple times on the machine within 10:30 am, student will be marked as present but If student “A” punches after 10:30 am, then “A” will be marked absent.

Attendpro - Settings


If you’re interested in Attendpro, we are willing to show you an Online Demo (Offline meetings available for Mumbai). Please contact us on +919870402930 or +918286012930 or visit to know more about Attendpro.


PS: You need to be a Classpro paid member in order to get the benefits of Attendpro.

How to manage payments, faculties and other functions with the New Updates

New updates are the key things in Classpro which makes the user experience smooth. Traditionally, assigning faculties and conducting lectures would be very confusing, as well as differentiating payment was impossible on Classpro. This is why we have added new controls.

1. Faculty Branch wise:
– Only Admin and Branch Admin can add, edit or delete the faculty.
– Particular branches can be added to the faculty to whom they are assigned. The faculty will not be seen in other branches to which they are not assigned.

Add Multiple Branches to faculties

2. Payment Category:
– Every payment you enter can be categorized into different sections.
– For eg. If you’re collecting the registration amount along with the fees, you can differentiate the registration amount be assigning them particular category such as “Registration Fee”.

Payment category

3. Miscellaneous Updates:
– Guardian reorder – New Reorder button to arrange them and make the first preferred guardian according to your choices.

Guardian Reorder

– Add to Multiple batches at once – On a single go, you can add multiple batches at once while selecting from the options.

Add Multiple Batches

– Subject wise filter on Admission report.

Subject wise filter


If you’re still not using Classpro to manage your coaching class, It’s not too late!

Click and register for an Online Demo today!!


classpro - marketing tips for coaching classes

marketingIn the wake of competitive entrance examinations and professional courses, students are gripped by an ‘All India Phenomenon’ called The Coaching Classes (Industry). Almost unavoidable in today’s times, coaching classes are no longer an option but a necessity. With a growth rate of about 35% in the past six years, coaching classes are becoming a part of a child’s daily routine.
No wonder that in this $35 billion industry, it is pretty difficult to establish oneself. This is where Marketing for coaching classes comes into the picture. If you would invest a few extra hours and money today, you will get huge returns in the future.

Here are 5 ways which will guarantee an increase in your inquiries.

1. Internet Marketing
It is absolutely important to leverage the power given be the internet for free or low-cost advertising. Advertising on Google or Facebook is an excellent way to gain brand exposure and bring qualified visitors to your website and convert website “visitors” into prospects. Google maps are great places to get visibility of your coaching center. You can list your coaching center and advertise on online marketplaces like OLX and Quikr to get free visibility.

2. Social Media Marketing
As a coaching business owner, you should leverage social media to amplify your brand message. Social Media Marketing means advertising on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. YouTube videos are the best ways to advertise as people like to watch videos. You can create a Facebook page for your coaching institutes. Using Social Media you can connect to your existing and new customers by posting frequent updates about your institute youtube and LinkedIn.

3. Banners
In spite of the internet and social media, banners are still a great way to advertise your coaching classes. But with the number of banner ads out there, consumers are experiencing “banner blindness.” With this in mind, there are some factors to be taken care of to get your banner noticed. Firstly, you need to do some research and choose your words wisely. The most important thing is to find the right place for them. You can have ads on trains, buses, stations, walls, etc. Remember “You don’t need more banners; you just need more views.”

4. Pamphlets
Marketing through Pamphlets involves many key aspects. First of all, the pamphlet should be carefully designed with your target audience in mind. Pamphlet distribution should be targeted. Do some research about the demographics of your target audience and distribute it where you will find them. The time it right. Also, be prepared to pick up dropped leaflets since you’ll do more damage to your campaign by littering the streets with your pamphlets.

5. Free Seminars
Marketing also includes conducting activities such as free workshops or counseling sessions where you give away free specialty items like key chains, hats, pens, etc. With your company’s logo on it. This would also be a good time to distribute pamphlets as your audience would keep it along with the specialty item. These activities allow you to subtly promote your product or company because the focus is on the event or specialty item. Your company’s name is simply associated with the event or specialty item.

No matter how much you market your coaching classes, the ultimate advertisement is your teaching material and quality of education. Because when your student does well, you have something to brag about in the local press and to parents. RESULTS ATTRACT MORE THAN ADS

How do you market your coaching classes?

Feel free to share any experiences in the comments. It’d be a privilege to learn from you!

If you’ve tried the methods mentioned above and want a single tool which carries out most of the tasks mentioned above, you can try Classpro  for a 7 day free trial.

Are you Missing any Updates from Classpro?

Product-Update May 2015

Oh Yes! It’s been a month and I’m sure you must be waiting for some intimation about the updates. So finally, we have arrived with a box of interesting updates from Classpro!

One at a time, Explore each of the new updates on Classpro:

1. Group Test
– Separate panel for marking attendance and entering marks.
– Separate/Combined results provided for every subject.
– Exam result can be broadcasted together or separately.

Group Exam Update

2. Webcam Photo Upload
– One of the most awaited Feature, Just Click, Pose and Upload.
– Whenever you’re about to make a student profile, Just Click on “Use Webcam” to upload any photo.

New Webcam Feature

3. Consolidated PDF and Excel Report For Faculty Salary
– The recent favorite PDF and Excel report appreciated by many, the Faculty salary report where you can get more details such as the subject and time allocated to a particular subject and the total salary.

Faculty Salary Update

4. Multiple Collaborators added in the Enquiry
– If you have multiple Staff handling single inquiries and you want to add information about the contributors on Classpro, just go to the particular inquiry and add the Contributor.

Contributors Update

5. Balance and summary in Fees Instalment Form
– It’s a brain-badgering task to arrange the installments and calculate the money according to it. Sometimes you can’t even understand if a penny is missing in your calculations!
– To avoid these minor problems, We have added a Balance and Summary section in the Configuring fee panel.

Balance and Summary Update

6. Mobile friendly issues solved
– We have finally updated all pop-up dialogue boxes and Date-picker box, sorry for the inconvenience caused earlier. We always want to improve your experience on Classpro.

For most of them, Details about User Roles and the services may be mysterious. To unlock the mystery and to know more details and function of each role, Please click here on roles, Please click here on User Roles and Services

If you’re fond of Classpro and would like to share your views, Kindly Fill the Testimonial form  and get featured on our Classpro Happy Customers.

Product Updates: More automation for you!

Hey folks! I hope you liked our previous post on the 7 free tools! I’m back to update you on the recent changes that have been going on at Classpro.
Teeny-weeny product updates, but really you cannot ignore the help they provide you.

Let’s unwrap the list of updates…..


1. Batch Filter
We have added a new filter to the Attendance page, which makes it easier for you to take out timetables for a particular batch.
Have a look!

Batch Filter-Classpro

2. Lecture Reminder
Traditionally, You had to send reminders for every lecture that you create. So we decided to make your task less complicated, By adding a ‘Send SMS’ option. You can send reminders for all the lectures of a particular batch.

Click on Attendance in Lectures, select any batch from the batch filter and click on ‘Send SMS’.

SEND SMS - Classpro


Admission Report:

School/College filter has been added to get a more detailed report.

School Filter-Classpro

Activity Feed:

On a single page, you can see all your notes added by different users on Classpro.

Activity Feed

7 Free Online Tools To Manage Your Coaching Class

One question you may ask is – why use tools when our employees are working just fine?

The answer is the question – why pay employees when the tools are free?

For a coaching class to grow, it needs to harness the technology at its disposal in a better way. In today’s times, when there is a coaching class in every nook and corner of the city, it is important to use every web tool at your disposal – especially those that are free.

Contrary to the belief in some quarters, these tools do not require a degree in IT either to understand or to use it!

Fortunately, there are plenty of Web tools out there, so why not let these tools make our life simpler.

Web Tools

Weebly: With more and more coaching classes going online nowadays, it seems that every coaching class needs an online presence. Weebly is an online tool which helps to create free websites and student e-portfolios with a variety of themes and customizable background.

Google Docs: Google Docs can be used by teachers to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online while collaborating with students in real time. It is compatible with MS Office file formats and is also available as a mobile application which makes it accessible from anywhere. It can be used to create feedback forms as well.

Whatsapp: The traditional SMS text message is becoming passé, particularly in light of the explosion of the popular and easy to use free messaging app – Whatsapp. Coaching classes can create groups which ensure easy communication with students and send messages regarding attendance or performance to the ward’s parents (without spending a single penny!)

Waveapps: It is an integrated software for accounting. It is easy to use and cloud-based. It helps in managing coaching class finances by providing a comprehensive set of tools like Invoicing, Accounting, Payroll, Payments, and Receipts. This lets you manage your coaching class without an accountant and you can focus more on your business and less on your finances.

Hootsuite: Coaching classes are now creating content and thus gaining website traffic and attention through social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, etc. However, managing your social network can be quite a task. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that lets you manage all your social networks and helps in brand management.

Google Calendar: It is a time-management application which can be useful for lecture schedule. It enables users to manage events online thus ensuring that no data is lost. Multiple calendars can be added and shared. Google Calendar can be synchronized with mobile devices or with PC applications.

YouTube: Coaching classes can record lectures and upload them on their YouTube channel. This is helpful for students who were either absent or want a revision. YouTube contains a special section for education as well which can be utilized by the coaching classes to optimize learning.

If you’re ready for growth and prepared to make your life easier (at no extra cost!), give these a try.

Which free tools do you use to manage your coaching class?

Feel free to share any experiences in the comments. It’d be a privilege to learn from you!

After trying all the free tools mentioned above, If you feel like grabbing something better to manage your coaching classes, Try Classpro for a 7 day Free Trial!!