“February Has Ended with a Bucket List Of Updates”

It’s been quite some time since we have made enhancements to the basic features of Classpro.

Feedbacks are always on its way, But we have done quite a detailed research on user experience.Based on this research, Our engineering team has been working hard over developing the more flexible Classpro software.

They’ve made some nifty, but important changes to it.

Here are the Bucket List Updates in the Basic Features:

February Updates Classpro



  1. Custom Enquiry Status: You can add new status for enquiries by clicking the Add New Enquiry Stage in the Enquiry Settings.
  2. Enquiry Loss Reason: Every lead that doesn’t join your classes have a reason behind it. Now you can add loss reasons on Classpro.
  3. Enquiry Loss Report: We are also providing Reports to monitor the medium of loss of leads, You can improve your management with every small report you get.
  4. Export Leads: You can export the leads information in the form of excel sheets based on filters. Just one click and all the lead information are downloaded onto your computer.

Salary and Payments:

  1. Total Salary: The Salary calculation of the faculty will be done on the basis of date, instead of monthly calculations. You can apply the Date range and system will calculate the salary according to it.
  2. Date Validation: We have Date validation, In which the date of each payment cannot be earlier than the admission date. Any amount of fees paid must be after or on the admission date.
  3. Fee  Receipt: As we all know while the payment is made, an automatic email shoots to the parents & students regarding successful payment of fees with an attachment of fee receipt. We have given you the authority to Enable or Disable the fee receipt attachment in the Emails that are sent.

Exam and Lectures:

  1. Report Card: We have introduced fully Formatted Report Cards for every group test that you conduct. Report cards are generated individually  for every student.
  2. Highest Marks: Broadcast the test results with the Highest Marks scored in exams. You can also enable or disable it  by  managing your message settings.
  3. Search: It is very difficult to find a previous conducted exam, when there are many exams already conducted after it. We really understand your problems, That’s the reason we have introduced the new Search Filter, In which you can specify the name of the test and search.
  4. Daily Attendance Report: Get a Daily report on the Lectures whose attendance is marked. This report is placed in the Attendance section of Lectures module.

Other Miscellaneous Updates:

  1. Personal Email ID: You can put your personal email id on Classpro, So that your Email ID is mentioned on every mail you send via Classpro. All the reverts given from parents or students via email will be directed to your Inbox automatically.
  2. Print: We have added a New Panel for Print Settings. In that, you will be able to Enable or Disable the Summary In the Student Performance PDF and the Default PDF Header provided by Classpro  on every PDF, So that you can attach your own formatted header to the PDFs.
  3. Owner Reports: Traditionally the daily owner reports are sent via SMS and Email. We have provided the option to select the medium from which you want to receive the owner reports, i.e. Via SMS or Email.

Phewww!!! That was a very long list of updates, I’m sure you have enjoyed the new settings we have provided on Classpro. Be sure to check every update by logging onto Classpro.  Please stay tuned to get many more amazing updates.

Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations
― Dr. Seyed Reza Agha Seyed Hosseini

New SMS Update: Resend Altogether!

Lately we have noticed a lot of issues happening in the SMS section. Our Development Team was working very hard to help out in dealing with the issues of pending and failed SMS.

No need to send the failed or pending SMS one by one, Because we have successfully added a few helpful tools in the SMS History which might provide you the best of experience while managing SMS issues.

Select multiple and resend:

  • Check ‘SMS History’ for any pending or failed SMS.
  • Select multiple message by clicking on checkboxes or you can click ‘All’.
  • You can now click on ‘Resend’.

Classpro SMS Update - Resend

Select an Event Filter:

  • ‘Select an Event’ option gives the ability to filter the SMS based on any events, eg. Lecture reminders, Test dates broadcast etc.

Classpro SMS Update - Event


Hope we have come up to your expectations in solving your SMS issues. If you have any feedbacks related to the post, feel free to comment or you can ping us on Classpro support.

Classpro Update: Delete your records PERMANENTLY!

Deleting the records permanently was a much awaited feature, especially since everyone of you have been demanding it for long.

This feature allows you to directly delete the students or leads, it will automatically delete all the other records associated with that student or leads.

Classpro update - Delete permanently

Advisory information on Permanent Delete:

  • For a particular student’s deletion, All the attendance reports, performance reports, admission and payment reports, enquiry details, and personal information associated with the deleted student will be removed from the Classpro account permanently.
  • The deleted student will be automatically removed from the batch.
  • Once deleted, It cannot be undone.
  • For a particular lead’s deletion, all the enquiry details, follow ups and personal information will be removed permanently.

Pay attention, Before deleting any records from now on!!

New Feature: Shoot Out Emails From 2015!

Experience Innovation!

Sending out notifications and reminders is not something that can be postponed. For Classes who sends out reminders and notifications to a large number of students, Now can turn to the internet and switch on to Classpro.

After giving painstaking efforts last year, It’s payback time!

We have launched the ‘New Email Feature’ to provide you with better and faster notifications.

Along with SMS notifications to parents and students, Email notifications will also be in action from now on.

Notification SMS Email
Login Details
Payment Confirmation
Cheque Recieved
Cheque Bounced
Cheque Cleared
Payment Reminder
Cheque Deposit Reminder
Lecture Scheduled
Lecture Cancelled
Lecture Absent
Test Scheduled
Test Cancelled
Test Results
Test Absent
Custom Message
Faculty Schedule Reminder
Faculty Birthday
Student Birthday
Owner Daily Report

Let’s have a sneak peek at the small but effective changes on Classpro!

  • Notifications:

    • For SMS and Email options, just click on the message icon on the top menu.

Classpro Email Update


  • Custom E-mail with Attachments:

    • Students/Parents: Classes can share notices, reports or study material. Progress reports can also be sent to parents to know their ward’s performance.
    • Leads:  Let other students know what your classes have been providing through Offers and Announcements.
    • Faculties: Lecture and Exam schedules, Salary reports and Batch progress reports can be sent to faculties for a better outcome from students.

Classpro Email Update - Custom Email


  • E-mail History:

    • Check every email status in the ‘Email History’ and we have also provided the filter options to make the search more effective.

Classpro Email Update History


  • Notification Settings:

    • Edit the SMS and Email Settings with just a TICK. You can keep  both the notifications ON or OFF.

Classpro Email Update Settings


Hope this post sums it all up, Enjoy this new feature!

This remarkable feature on Classpro is an outcome of your feedbacks. Keep on updating us about your reviews, cause someday it might just get live.

January Updates: Simpler the Better!

Reports have always been a major part of the economic growth, So we decided to provide you with a more manageable and detailed report of your coaching institution. Hence, we have come up with a small change in the Report section, Our Moto has been to just make it smoother by differentiating the Admission and Payment reports.


Let’s have a peek at the updated Reports!


Classpro Reports Updates

1.  The Admission Report now presents you with the following details in an improvised manner:

  • Overall Admission
  • Discount
  • Admission Expiry

Classpro Report update- Admission


2.  The Payment Report will provide you with all the information related to fees such as:

  • Outstanding Fees
  • Overdue Fees
  • Fees Received
  • Service Tax
  • Cheque
  • Fees receipt

Classpro Report Update- Payment


3. The Payment section has also come up with two new useful Reports.

  • Cheque Report gives a brief view of all the cleared, uncleared and bounced cheques. Monitoring the cash flow through cheques has just got more efficient.

Classpro Report update-Cheque reports

  • Keep a track of every Fee Receipt that is active or has been deleted, through the new added Report “Fees Receipt” with some useful filters.

Classpro Report Update- fee receipt report


4. There’s a minute change in the position of the Enquiry Report, you can check in the Reports. 

Classpro Report Update - Enquiry


Hope this Post helps you get adjusted to the recent changes we have made.

Jingle All The Way With Classpro

A Very Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year!


Classpro Christmas


Sing hey! Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
Twine mistletoe and holly.
For a friendship glows
In winter snows,
And so let’s all be jolly!
~Author Unknown

5 Tips for Coaching Institute Owners to Avoid the ‘Discount Trap’

discount offer coaching classes

1. Don’t say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ at the 1st meeting:

We as coaching center owners usually immediately respond negatively with a strong NO and block any further discussions.
Instead, you might want to hear the student or guardian as you never know the student or guardian might have a genuine clarification.

2. Be clear and precise and repeat to confirm clarity of understanding:

In most cases, I’ve noticed that we just go on explaining things in a broader perspective and we take time to get to the point. In some cases, the student or parent gets confused and hit the panic button and get a feeling that they’re paying more, resulting in them asking for discounts. Be clear and crisp in what you say and most importantly, repeat to establish clarity. That way you can avoid situations, stating you had told me earlier but now it is different.

3. Talk internally with your partner/staff to ensure everyone is on the same understanding:

This happens in most cases, where two different people attend a particular student or guardian. In such instances, it’s good to be on the same clarity in terms of the fee or package and not commit without clarity. This way an unnecessary discount waiver can be avoided. Once something is confirmed to the student or guardian, It is very difficult to go back on our word and even if we do, it would turn out to be a very awkward situation.

4. Strictly Avoid telephonic confirmations:

Be very mindful to avoid conversations about fees and packages over the phone. It is best to engage in a face to face discussion. This will help in multiple ways as a perception made when they see your institute might be different and establishes a personal connect making it easier for you to explain why the charges are fixed at that particular amount set by you.
Moreover telephonic confirmations lead to confusions and unnecessary misunderstandings internally and externally. The last thing you need is a probable new guardian or student walking out dejected.

5. Be empathetic, not Sympathetic:

This is a very, very important aspect we should keep in mind because sometimes most of us get caught up in emotional conversations. Remember to be empathetic but stick to the course fee that you have predefined. You can probably allow a staggered installment payment, rather than writing it off completely.

Trust me we all have emotional ups and downs, but when we run a business it is important to maintain a balance in our thoughts and decisions.

What are your best practises before giving out discounts ? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

6 Tips For Effective Fee Collection From Students For Coaching Classes

6 tips for effective student fee collection for coaching classes

Fee payment collection is one of the most challenging aspects of running a coaching class business. After rendering excellent service to your students, you’re forced to wait for an indefinite time until payment is made. Without having the luxury of liquid assets and a steady cash flow, the success of a coaching class depends largely on its ability to receive payments on time.

Here are some tips that might help you to avoid late payments and allow you to better manage what you have to receive.


1. Stay Organized:

Fees installments tracking definitely needs a good software, free tools like Google Sheets can be used to track your due fees. However, if you want to manage your coaching class business in a more organized way, then you may want to invest in a system specifically designed for coaching classes management like Classpro. Classpro integrates many aspects of your business into one easy-to-use system and will save you time and give your class the professional edge it requires.


2. Clearly Define Fees Structure:

The best advisable strategy will be charging fees for the whole duration of the course in advance by way of lump sum payment. But if your coaching class provides installment facility, then having a clearly defined installment structure with payment terms and date mentioned does come in handy.
Another strategy would be collecting the fee installment in post-dated cheques at the time of admission and along with clear terms, if the cheque bounces then it would attract penalty.


3. Make a Reminder:

Be ‘proactive’ and give a call to students to remind them about the pending fee installment. Also, calling can be a good way to establish and maintain a personal connection with your students and their guardians.
Students often don’t pay fees on time simply because they’ve forgotten so sending a simple text message (SMS) a couple of days prior to a fee installment due, Provides a convenient reminder to students who are then less likely to forget.
If the student explains that he or she is having some financial issues, offer flexible payment options. Your student will appreciate your compassion and put you at the top of the list next time a payment is due. And you’re better off getting the money this way than any other – and much better off this way than not getting it at all.


4. Stick to the schedule:

When the student fee are overdue on payments, remember not to sound authoritative or submissive. Following up too quickly or without any pattern might appear as if you are disorganized. If you feel that manually tracking the overdue fee installments and sending reminders are a pain, then try our automated fee reminder feature.


5. Late Fees:

If you aren’t already charging interest on late fee payments, you definitely must begin now.
Late fees add urgency to fee payment, ensuring they don’t end up at the bottom of the bills-to-pay pile. Be sure to reference late fees in the initial fee receipt. Let your students know exactly what the late payment charge percentage is and when it applies (i.e., a 2 percent interest fee will be charged per month on late payments.) This lets the students see what additional payments they would have to make if they don’t clear that balance fee payment on time.


6. Be polite, yet professional:

Ensure you maintain professionalism in all your communications. One late payment incident should not be the reason you hassle the student for eternity. Use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’.

Following up with your students in a scheduled, process-driven manner will ensure the smooth flow of cash into your accounts without you actually having to sound like a broken record.


Have you had experience tackling late payments? Share them with us. We’d love to hear them.


Thanks to Anjan , Divya Dinesh, and Vijay Suryawanshi for reading drafts of this.

Discover new product features this December

Hard Work soon Pay off, That is what just happened in November’ 2014.Here are the few updates you should definitely check on Classpro.

1. One click attendance

Scheduling lectures have just got easier.

Traditionally, we had to create a lecture and then add a schedule to mark the attendance, Too long for a small procedure right??
Classpro brings a simple solution to this dilemma – We have added “New Attendance” button.

Classpro Lecture Attendance Module

Just One click and you can mark the attendance with just a little information about the lecture.

Classpro lecture Attendance module


2. Welcome to the new Mobile Friendly Student portal!

Smartphones have become a new trend nowadays!!!

We’re delighted to announce that the Student portal is now mobile optimized. When someone visits the portal from a mobile device, they are automatically shown the mobile version.

Mobile optimized Student Portal
Every Coaching classes is facilitated with Student portal where students are able to collect information of Schedules, Attendance and their Performance report.


3. Biometric attendance

Cut Off you manual work and Let the machines do their job.

Record the attendance with just One touch import csv feature.
It is said that Fingerprints cannot be forged, Just a touch of your finger and the attendance is marked, The “csv” file can be obtained from the biometric device software and uploaded to Classpro.
Biometric Approach promises the extinction of False attendance Issues altogether.


4. Group Examination

It is really exhausting to schedule different exams repeatedly for specific modules like Semester or Unit tests.

We have eased this task by providing a “Test Type” button from which you can choose “Single or Group” whichever type of exam you want to conduct.
Selecting the “Group” option will allow you to add multiple subjects with their respective Date and Time.
For entrance test like JEE exams, we have provided with an option of enabling same date and time.
The Group examination also provides you with the Overall Performance Report of the respective test conducted.

Overall Performance Report


5. Dashboard – Organization and Branch

“Everything doesn’t come on a silver platter. ”

But we defy this saying by introducing the “Dashboard” feature, in which, Summary of every Another valuable feature is provided.
The Dashboard breaks down to:

a. Organization:
An Overall comparison of the financial health, enquiry level and the source of maximum enquiries of different centers will be tracked.

Organizational Dashboard

b. Branch:
You can efficiently monitor the monthly economic growth of a specific branch along with an Overview of the Daily and Weekly Tasks to be functioned.

Branch Dashboard

Many of our improvements are based on your feedback and we want you to keep it coming! Have a suggestion or an idea how we can improve our products? Submit it here!

Let us know what you think about these enhancements in the comment section below!