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Discover new product features this December

Hard Work soon Pay off, That is what just happened in November’ 2014. Here are the few new product features you should definitely check on Classpro.

1. One click attendance

Scheduling lectures have just got easier.

Traditionally, we had to create a lecture and then add a schedule to mark the attendance, Too long for a small procedure right??
Classpro brings a simple solution to this dilemma – We have added the “New Attendance” button.

Classpro Lecture Attendance Module

Just One click and you can mark the attendance with just a little information about the lecture.

Classpro lecture Attendance module


2. Welcome to the new Mobile Friendly Student portal!

Smartphones have become a new trend nowadays!!!

We’re delighted to announce that the Student portal is now mobile optimized. When someone visits the portal from a mobile device, they are automatically shown the mobile version.

Mobile optimized Student Portal
Every Coaching classes is facilitated with Student portal where students are able to collect information of Schedules, Attendance and their Performance report.


3. Biometric attendance

Cut Off you manual work and Let the machines do their job.

Record the attendance with just One touch import csv feature.
It is said that Fingerprints cannot be forged, Just a touch of your finger and the attendance is marked, The “csv” file can be obtained from the biometric device software and uploaded to Classpro.
Biometric Approach promises the extinction of False attendance Issues altogether.


4. Group Examination

It is really exhausting to schedule different exams repeatedly for specific modules like Semester or Unit tests.

We have eased this task by providing a “Test Type” button from which you can choose “Single or Group” whichever type of exam you want to conduct.
Selecting the “Group” option will allow you to add multiple subjects with their respective Date and Time.
For entrance test like JEE exams, we have provided with an option of enabling same date and time.
The Group examination also provides you with the Overall Performance Report of the respective test conducted.

new product features


5. Dashboard – Organization and Branch

“Everything doesn’t come on a silver platter. ”

But we defy this saying by introducing the “Dashboard” feature, in which, Summary of every Another valuable feature is provided.
The Dashboard breaks down to:

a. Organization:
An Overall comparison of the financial health, enquiry level and the source of maximum enquiries of different centres will be tracked.

Organizational Dashboard

b. Branch:
You can efficiently monitor the monthly economic growth of a specific branch along with an Overview of the Daily and Weekly Tasks to be functioned.

Branch Dashboard

Many of our improvements are based on your feedback and we want you to keep it coming! Have a suggestion or an idea how we can improve our products? Submit it here!

Let us know what you think about these enhancements in the comment section below!

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  • Divya Master
    5th December 2014 at 10:32 am

    Great Features That Class Pro are Providing and Amazing Software 🙂 (y)

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