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January Updates: Simpler the Better!

Reports have always been a major part of the economic growth, So we decided to provide you with a more manageable and detailed report of your coaching institution. Hence, we have come up with a small change in the Report section, Our Moto has been to just make it smoother by differentiating the Admission and Payment reports.


Let’s have a peek at the updated Reports!


Classpro Reports Updates

1.  The Admission Report now presents you with the following details in an improvised manner:

  • Overall Admission
  • Discount
  • Admission Expiry

Classpro Report update- Admission


2.  The Payment Report will provide you with all the information related to fees such as:

  • Outstanding Fees
  • Overdue Fees
  • Fees Received
  • Service Tax
  • Cheque
  • Fees receipt

Classpro Report Update- Payment


3. The Payment section has also come up with two new useful Reports.

  • Cheque Report gives a brief view of all the cleared, uncleared and bounced cheques. Monitoring the cash flow through cheques has just got more efficient.

Classpro Report update-Cheque reports

  • Keep a track of every Fee Receipt that is active or has been deleted, through the new added Report “Fees Receipt” with some useful filters.

Classpro Report Update- fee receipt report


4. There’s a minute change in the position of the Enquiry Report, you can check in the Reports. 

Classpro Report Update - Enquiry


Hope this Post helps you get adjusted to the recent changes we have made.

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