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“February Has Ended with a Bucket List Of Updates”

It’s been quite some time since we have made enhancements to the basic features of Classpro.

Feedbacks are always on its way, But we have done quite a detailed research on user experience. Based on this research, Our engineering team has been working hard over developing the more flexible Classpro software.

They’ve made some nifty, but important changes to it.

Here are the Bucket List Updates in the Basic Features:

bucket list updates


  1. Custom Enquiry Status: You can add new status for enquiries by clicking the Add New Enquiry Stage in the Enquiry Settings.
  2. Enquiry Loss Reason: Every lead that doesn’t join your classes have a reason behind it. Now you can add loss reasons on Classpro.
  3. Enquiry Loss Report: We are also providing Reports to monitor the medium of loss of leads, You can improve your management with every small report you get.
  4. Export Leads: You can export the leads information in the form of excel sheets based on filters. Just one click and all the lead information are downloaded onto your computer.

Salary and Payments:

  1. Total Salary: The Salary calculation of the faculty will be done on the basis of date, instead of monthly calculations. You can apply the Date range and the system will calculate the salary according to it.
  2. Date Validation: We have Date validation, In which the date of each payment cannot be earlier than the admission date. Any amount of fees paid must be after or on the admission date.
  3. Fee  Receipt: As we all know while the payment is made, an automatic email shoots to the parents & students regarding successful payment of fees with an attachment of fee receipt. We have given you the authority to Enable or Disable the fee receipt attachment in the Emails that are sent.

Exam and Lectures:

  1. Report Card: We have introduced fully Formatted Report Cards for every group test that you conduct. Report cards are generated individually for every student.
  2. Highest Marks: Broadcast the test results with the Highest Marks scored in exams. You can also enable or disable it by managing your message settings.
  3. Search: It is very difficult to find a previously conducted exam, when there are many exams already conducted after it. We really understand your problems, That’s the reason we have introduced the new Search Filter, In which you can specify the name of the test and search.
  4. Daily Attendance Report: Get a Daily report on the Lectures whose attendance is marked. This report is placed in the Attendance section of Lectures module.

Other Miscellaneous Updates:

  1. Personal Email ID: You can put your personal email id on Classpro So that your Email ID is mentioned on every mail you send via Classpro. All the reverts given from parents or students via email will be directed to your Inbox automatically.
  2. Print: We have added a New Panel for Print Settings. In that, you will be able to Enable or Disable the Summary In the Student Performance PDF and the Default PDF Header provided by Classpro on every PDF, So that you can attach your own formatted header to the PDFs.
  3. Owner Reports: Traditionally the daily owner reports are sent via SMS and Email. We have provided the option to select the medium from which you want to receive the owner reports, i.e. Via SMS or Email.

Phewww!!! That was a very long list of updates, I’m sure you have enjoyed the new settings we have provided on Classpro. Be sure to check every update by logging onto Classpro.  Please stay tuned to get many more amazing updates.

Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations
― Dr. Seyed Reza Agha Seyed Hosseini

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