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Are you Missing any Updates from Classpro?

Product-Update May 2015

Oh Yes! It’s been a month and I’m sure you must be waiting for some intimation about the updates. So finally, we have arrived with a box of interesting updates from Classpro!

One at a time, Explore each of the new updates on Classpro:

1. Group Test
– Separate panel for marking attendance and entering marks.
– Separate/Combined results provided for every subject.
– Exam result can be broadcasted together or separately.

Group Exam Update

2. Webcam Photo Upload
– One of the most awaited Feature, Just Click, Pose and Upload.
– Whenever you’re about to make a student profile, Just Click on “Use Webcam” to upload any photo.

New Webcam Feature

3. Consolidated PDF and Excel Report For Faculty Salary
– The recent favorite PDF and Excel report appreciated by many, the Faculty salary report where you can get more details such as the subject and time allocated to a particular subject and the total salary.

Faculty Salary Update

4. Multiple Collaborators added in the Enquiry
– If you have multiple Staff handling single inquiries and you want to add information about the contributors on Classpro, just go to the particular inquiry and add the Contributor.

Contributors Update

5. Balance and summary in Fees Instalment Form
– It’s a brain-badgering task to arrange the installments and calculate the money according to it. Sometimes you can’t even understand if a penny is missing in your calculations!
– To avoid these minor problems, We have added a Balance and Summary section in the Configuring fee panel.

Balance and Summary Update

6. Mobile friendly issues solved
– We have finally updated all pop-up dialogue boxes and Date-picker box, sorry for the inconvenience caused earlier. We always want to improve your experience on Classpro.

For most of them, Details about User Roles and the services may be mysterious. To unlock the mystery and to know more details and function of each role, Please click here on roles, Please click here on User Roles and Services

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