Attendpro is making a trend for Automatic attendance. If you’re still confused about what Attendpro is then let me help you understand it.

It’s a software designed for biometric machines which will be used as a sidekick to Classpro users. It helps you to automatically mark the attendance by fetching students fingerprints from the biometric machine (Only supports Essl X990).

Let the machine do your itsy bitsy work.

What are the Benefits of Installing Attendpro?

1. No Proxy Attendance: A biometric time attendance system enables you to eliminate student proxy attendance (or buddy punching). Physiological features like fingerprints are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.

2. Real-Time Attendance: Attendpro ensures that the student is personally present to mark the attendance. It uses finger recognition to verify the student’s identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.

3. No Human Interaction: Zero human interaction is needed to mark the attendance. On-line monitoring highlights the immediate display of transactions received from the biometric machine.

Let us find out how Attendpro looks like and what are the function it behold!

1. SCHEDULES: Automatically all the schedules will be fetched from Classpro and will be displayed on Attendpro.

Attendpro - Schedules

2. PUNCH RECORD: It will show the number of students who Punched IN/OUT on the machine.

Attendpro - Punches

3. STUDENTS: Information such as Student ID and Names will be shown respectively.

Attendpro - Students

4. MACHINES: From this panel, you can connect the machine and check whether it is connected with the Attendpro or not.

  • Click on NEW MACHINE to add the machine on Attendpro.
  • You can edit the machine details, Click on Actions and then on Edit.
  • You can check if the biometric machine is connected to your software or not, By using the Test connection function.

Attendpro - Machines

5. SAVE SCHEDULE AFTER: It defines the minutes, after which the attendance will be marked.

For eg. If you set the ‘save schedule after’ time as 15 minutes. Let us assume that your lecture is at 10:00 am, students who will be punching IN till 10:15 will be marked present and the rest will be marked as absent. Attendance will get saved at 10:15 am.

6. IN-OUT DIFFERENCE: These minutes defines a time after which the punches will be recorded as OUT for the Students who were already IN.

For eg. If you set the ‘IN-OUT difference’ as 30 minutes. If a student “A” punches IN at 10:00 am, if “A” tries to punch multiple times on the machine within 10:30 am, student will be marked as present but If student “A” punches after 10:30 am, then “A” will be marked absent.

Attendpro - Settings

If you’re interested in Attendpro, we are willing to show you an Online Demo (Offline meetings available for Mumbai). Please contact us on +919870402930 or +918286012930 or visit to know more about Attendpro.

PS: You need to be a Classpro paid member in order to get the benefits of Attendpro.