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Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Focus on qaulity not qauntity

While running a Coaching institute it is very important to keep a close eye on the quality quotient and ensure it is consistently maintained.

Most of the today’s coaching institutes initially deliver quality, but it slowly diminishes which causes a dent in the image and goodwill of the institute.

Why is it so important to maintain Quality?

Quality maintenance is a key and integral part of any business. Let’s take an example so we all understand this better.

We all hear about 2 new restaurants in town and many of us get into a mad rush of excitement to try those places out –

Here comes first impression factor that plays a key and vital role:

So the first few weeks both the restaurants will try to go all out to make sure the quality quotient is on, an all-time high with moderate or low prices ..Here is where the word of mouth works best and more and more people rush to this new restaurant.

  • Let us say (restaurant 1) does not plan and monitor this stage well then slowly and unknowingly the quality dips and over a period of time the restaurant has to also hike the price owing to a rise in expenses but the quality that is not tracked goes diminishing over a period of time, thus resulting in a decrease of quantity and leading to mismanagement and losses.
  • Now say (restaurant 2) right from the beginning decided to stick only a specific set of dishes and priced them at a moderate rate and right from beginning kept the quality standard and no matter what consistently delivered the same quality not worrying about the quantity. Here in this scenario over a period of time, the quantity keeps increasing and the quality remains consistent ..Multiple branches are opened, but yet the quality factor remained the same. Thus resulting in the increase of quantity and better management of the business.

Key points we all have to learn from the above example are:

1. Decide your specifics that your coaching institute intends to provide or offer.

2. Set your expectations right from the beginning.

3. Reality check periodically is very critical and crucial in understanding the feedback from your clients.

4. Ensure consistency is maintained at all times.

5. “Be original “: It’s alright to draw inspiration but ensure you tickle your creative mind and stick to your originality…

Some tools that can come in handy in gathering effective Feedback are mentioned below:

1. Feedback form: You could roll out a small and concise feedback form which exactly gives you precise information and views you wish to collect. In most cases, if the feedback form is too big the raw perspective gets diluted thus not adding any value

2. Suggestion Box: Keep a suggestion box or put up a Bulletin board with Post it’s that people are free to write or comment. Bear in mind names aren’t important, but feedback is to encourage people and students to express their opinions.

3. Open Door Policy: Always make time for parents and students to approach the management. It so happens in most cases it becomes a layered process where the parent or student needs to wait to share something with the management. Be available always to hear them out. You never know what good idea you might hit on.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking”.

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