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SMS Templates : New way for sending the Custom SMS on Classpro

The new update we have in the bag is “Custom SMS Template” which will redefine the experience of sending custom SMS on Classpro.

Send different types of custom SMS without the tension of the messages getting failed.

Let me give you some examples of how it might be useful for you:

1. If you’re conducting any kind of Function in you coaching class, invite all the students and the parents with SMS.

2. As homework plays an important role while running a coaching class and it being the cost-effective way to provide additional instruction in practice, we have added templates that will let you send SMS about homework submission and templates to let parents know about incomplete homework.

3. A parent-teacher meeting is a time when important people in a student’s life can talk about how that student is doing in a coaching class. In order to inform every parent about the meeting date and time, you can use the Meeting template and conduct regular parents – teacher meeting.

Custom SMS Template

If you feel like there are more SMS templates that can be added, Please let us know through feedback tickets or mail. Also, if you are interested in trying out this wonderful feature, Please give a shot to the 7-Day Free Trial on Classpro.

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