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Product Enhancement: Topic Completion report, Expense Voucher and many more

Pheww last month Jan 2016 has been an exciting month for us in enhancing our existing module. we have a slew of exciting updates to share with you! Updates and enhancements to Classpro that you have been requesting us. Here it goes:


1. Lectures:

a. Topic Completion Report
Completing the lectures syllabus on time is the highest priority. With the help of Topic Completion Report, you will be able to keep track of a number of lectures taken and the number of hours conducted by the faculties for the different Topics in the subject.
b. Attendance – all | due | marked | canceled filter
Checking the status of the daily attendance of the lectures has become easier.

2. Expense:

a. Expense – Cheque details added
Now you can maintain the Cheque Number, Cheque Date and Bank name for any expenses made.
b. Expense Reports – payment mode filter
Expense Report can be filtered on the basis of payment modes such as Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft, Swipe Card and Net Banking.
c. Expense voucher pdf
Taking print of an expense voucher for accountability purpose has become easy using this feature.

3. Fee Receipt Mail:

In a lot of instances, parents needed the fee receipt in the email. using this option sending the receipt in the mail has become a breeze.

4. Student performance filter based on group exam:

In the student profile, the student performance can be filtered based on group exam conducted.

5. Enquiry:

a. Enquiry Lost Reason:
See the reason behind why the inquiry was lost on the student’s enquiry page.
a. Bulk: Lead Import Excel:
Using the new bulk lead import using excel option, once the lead has been imported, then inquiry can be assigned directly for all the lead imported earlier.
Anything we forgot? Anything that you think should be changed or added? Let us know in comments!


  • Vishal
    24th February 2016 at 12:20 pm


  • Jayesh Gopalan
    27th February 2016 at 9:55 pm

    Welcome Sir 🙂

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