Once again we are back with our updates in the existing modules of Classpro.

Here it goes:

1. SMS – Hindi Language Support:

One of the most requested features has been to send SMS in Hindi or any other language.
Now you can do that with ease. Use any text editor or http://www.quillpad.in for message content in a different language and then copy-paste the message in classpro’s custom SMS panel and send it.
Hindi Sms in Classpro

2. Batch:

Now you can view the number of boys or girls in a Batch.

3. Fees & Reports:

a. Sort:

We have introduced sorting based on ascending and descending order of fees balance and date in both Overall Admission and Outstanding Fees Report.

b. Fee Installment:

In some of the Coaching Classes the fee installment schedule date is fixed for a particular date, now our system supports fee installment schedule date to be configured for a particular day of the month.

4. Menu:

The setting menu has been reorganized for a better user experience to the end user.
We have divided and combined setting into Organisation and Branch. All setting related to an organizational level has been grouped into the Organisation and setting related to the specific branch has been grouped into Branch.

5. Subject Abbreviation:

In a standard for all subjects, we have introduced Abbreviation.
This is useful at the time of sending multiple lecture schedule in one single SMS. Earlier it was picked by our system in a random order of first 4 characters, now the user has a choice to give specific Abbrv to a particular subject.

6. Batch Performance:

Now entire batch performance can be downloaded in a single click in just under 1 minute.
Inside Reports click on Batch Performance and then select any particular batch and then just choose download zip option then our system will create a zip of the results and it will be sent it to the respective user email id.

7. Exam Topics:

For any subject, exam conducted the topic covered in that particular exam can be tracked.
This can be helpful in checking if the test has been conducted on a particular topic or not.

Anything we forgot? Anything that you think should be changed or added? Let us know in comments!