Last month it has been very exciting for us and we worked hard on improving our user interface design for people using Classpro in iPad. Along with that, we have launched some enhancements in existing modules.

Here it goes:

1. Student ID Card:

We received requests from several users related to Student ID Card generation feature.

Student SMS History in Profile - Classpro
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Steps to download: Select a Batch > Export > Print ID Card.

2. Multilingual SMS:

Now you can do that with ease. We have added our inbuilt text editor to type message content in a different language for better communication with students and parents.

3. Topics in exams:

This is a big modification we have added in Classpro’s exam module. Using this option it becomes very much easy to track all the topics exam conducted for a particular subject. While creating the exam user has an option to select any number of topic for the exam being conducted.

Student SMS History in Profile - Classpro
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4. Daily Enquiry Report SMS to owner:

Similar to our automatic Daily Fee & Admission report using SMS. We have launched another Enquiry auto report SMS and the benefit of this SMS is that at the end of the day the owner of the class will have a clear view on the number of the inquiry received for a particular center.

5. Separate Guardian login:

Now Guardian separate login can be created using Classpro, so no worry of parent’s password getting modified 🙂

Hope these improvements add more value to your Classpro experience. As always, please feel free to share your feedback via the comment section below.