Browser Notification - Classpro

We are happy to announce a new integration in Classpro: the Google Drive Integration. Now you will be able to upload files to your Google Drive account and share them with students, in just a few clicks!

Document Sharing:

You can share test related answer papers, notes or any document with the students. The shared document will be accessible to students on Student Login.Steps for sharing documents with students:
Documents Sharing > Select Students > Upload Document > Click on Share.
Browser Notification - Classpro
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Upload Documents/Files in Student & Faculty Profile:

You can upload students and faculties related documents such as student’s mark sheet, admission documents, Identity proof, faculty’s salary slip.

Any document uploaded in student’s & faculty will be viewed ONLY by internal users of your Classpro account.Steps for uploading documents for student’s & faculty:
Student/Faculty Profile > Click on Documents > Add New Document.

Attach Receipt In Expenses:

You’ve spent some money, created an Expense, and now you want to attach a picture of the Receipt?
No problem, Just select the file while adding expense and click the save button and you’re done.
Let us know what you think and enjoy!