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Product Enhancement: Student Leaves, Batch Performance & Other Updates

One of the use case missing in Classpro was what if the student is on leave?

Taking this into consideration, we have updated Classpro and along with that topic report has been redesigned and a new student performance and attendance report mailing feature have been introduced.

Here it goes:

Student Leaves:

Leaves can be added for an individual student from Profile. On leave, you will be asked for the start date, end date, and note.

Once leave has been added, then in between that duration if any exam or lecture is conducted then Classpro will automatically mark the student as absent and a leave note will be maintained and Absent SMS will not be sent.

Classpro - Student Leaves product update
(Click to enlarge image)

Send Mail – Student Performance & Attendance:

Using one-click entire batch students performance and attendance can be sent in an email and their individual reports will be sent as a pdf attachment.

The user will have the option to filter according to the batch and the duration can be selected and based on that the mail will be sent to the respective students and parents.

Topic Completion:

Now the user can define the expected hours required to complete a Topic. This will help in analyzing the Actual Hour Taken vs Expected Hour for that Topic.

Classpro - topic completion
(Click to enlarge image)
If you have any suggestions for Classpro’s student attendance management system, feel free to share it via the comments section below or send us an email.

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