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Product Improvement: Control Your Automatic SMS-Emails Notification

We felt that the existing design related to user notification and user access control setting was complex, hence we have decided to simplify and improve it.

Below is the list of 3 updated changes and their details:

1) Modules:

A new Module setting has been introduced to enable and disable a module specific setting. Currently, this has settings related to Admission and Email module.

Classpro Modules Notification Settings
(Click to enlarge image)

2) Notifications:

We have introduced a new Notification panel and this has been subdivided into Organisation and User.

The organization will have general setting related to faculty birthday and changing website name in SMS.

User notification panel will have a setting to enable and disable automatic SMS/Email reports for the logged in User.

Classpro User Notifications Settings
(Click to enlarge image)

3) User Access Control Setting:

This is a major change in which now user can decide the rights of notification preference for a particular role.

Classpro Roles Notification Access
(Click to enlarge image)

A user will be receiving automatic report only for the branch which has been assigned to them.

We hope you like it. If you have any questions or any feedback, then please share it in our comment box.

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