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GST Update in Classpro

The Government of India has implemented Goods and Service Tax (GST) from 1st July 2017.
We have updated Classpro to handle GST.
The Tax Settings and Fee Receipt settings have been added to branch level so coaching classes can have separate GST level setting for separate branches.

Below are some of the changes which have to be done at Branch level:
1) Update Tax Setting:
a. Click on Branch > Setting > Tax
b. Inside Tax form please update your GSTIN number.

2) Setting up GST rates:
a. Click on Branch > Setting > Tax> Tax Groups
b. As of now have launched a new GST tax group in which we will have two components: Central GST (CGST) which needs to be filed with the Centre, and State GST (SGST) filed with the State and accordingly we have updated 9% value in both CGST and SGST.

3) Update Fee Receipt:
In fee receipt form you can update your proper GST Registered Name and Address as the same will be used at the time of printing the fee receipt.
4) Course:
As per new GST now it is mandatory to update your SAC Number in course. so you will have to edit all the courses and accordingly, the corresponding number has to be updated.
For cross-checking the HSN Number please refer the below link.


Since we are also in the early stage we are open to feedback on improvements, please share your valuable feedback in our comment section.

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