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Classpro is now ready with the power of Instamojo

Classpro - Instamojo Integration

Classpro is providing the best services of quick payment collection to all its users. In this series of upgrades, we at Classpro are happy to give you the access of Instamojo for quick and easy payments from students/parents. If you are someone who is more into online transactions, then you have definitely heard about Instamojo and if you are not, then we are happy to discuss the advantages of it.

So what is Instamojo?

Instamojo enables any business or individual to make and receive digital payments securely, effortlessly, and cost-effectively. The simplicity and usability of Instamojo platform makes it the first choice for hundreds of online and offline businesses, which also includes coaching classes especially the IAS, IIT, Coaching classes across India.

Classpro is ready with the latest upgrade:

To help our app users, Classpro has always tried to add the latest features. This time we are here with Instamojo to help you with payment collection of any kind for your respective coaching classes which are registered on our platform.

Ease to students and parents:

Select your mode of payment without thinking twice. You have the power to pay by using Net Banking, Wallets Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and even UPI. The transaction completes in seconds after the required method of verification and VOILA!! Your dues got paid in no time. You will get the required confirmation email on your email which is mentioned by you while initiating the payment.

For Coaching Institutes and Tuition Classes:

With the availability of Instamojo on Classpro, you have nothing to worry as everything goes hand in hand. You can use Classpro to remind your students about the latest updates regarding fee structure and every single payment will be registered digitally to your account. Parents and students can pay you securely and that amount will be directly added to your bank account. As cashless payments are the latest trend and your business will taste the benefits of technology and digitalization.

What are the perks of using Instamojo?

  • First of all, the ease and accessibility in payments of any kind are available on your favorite app i.e. Classpro.
  • It takes hardly 5 minutes join Instamojo payment platform and once all the formalities are done, you and your business will be ready to collect payments from a various number of modes of digital payments. It includes Net Banking, Wallets Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and even the latest one, The UPI.
  • You need not pay any annual charges as it is free to signup at Instamojo. What you are actually paying is a fee of 2% + Rs. 3 which is when you receive a payment.
  • All the Payments will be automatically transferred to your bank account (savings or current) within 3 days.

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