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Classpro introduces Cheque Acknowledgement Slip and Faculty Login

Based on our customer feedback we felt that the existing modules need some improvement, so we have launched an update in our fee and faculty module.

Acknowledgment Slip:

We have added a functionality of generating acknowledgment slip and id.
For every payment received, an acknowledgment id along with fee receipt will be generated regardless of the payment mode.

Only in case of cheque, an acknowledgment slip will be generated and once the cheque is cleared the Fee Receipt will be generated.

acknowledgement slip

The main reason to change the system was to accommodate the scenario of the post-dated cheque as there have been many cases where a fee receipt it is created but the cheque is not cleared and if that cheque gets bounced then the fee receipt id gets wasted. Using the new way, our users would be able to handle the cheque management in a better way and there won’t be any impact on taxes also.

Faculty Login:

Now faculties don’t need to rely on the class owner to inform them about their schedules. To make things even better and easier we are proudly launching a new feature i.e. “Faculty Login”.

Each Faculty can be provided with their own unique login.

With the help of faculty login, faculties will be able to:
1. View their own Lecture Schedules.
2. Mark the attendance of their Schedules.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to use the ‘Faculty login’ effectively.
1. Open Faculty’s profile.
2. Click on Login tab.
3. Click on “Create Login Now” button and send an invitation by entering Faculty’s email address.
4. Faculty will be able to create their login using the invitation email.
5. Faculty can use the login on Classpro website to view their schedules and mark the attendance.

We hope you like it. If you have any questions or any feedback, then please share it in our comment box.

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