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Why Coaching Classes need an Automated Attendance Management system?

Attendance Management

Running a coaching class is a very responsible business. The coaching classes which are successful they engage their students to learn. You can clearly help them better only when they attend your classes regularly. Attendance management is important because students who attend your coaching classes regularly are likely to succeed in learning and developing new skills. It is harder for a tutor and the student to build a bond and progress their skills if the students are frequently absent. Attendance also helps you to hold accountability for the student’s presence in your classes. It is one of the key information that must be shared with the parents in order to keep your end of the bargain of conducting a transparent and responsible environment for their children.

However, attendance can have errors in accuracy when done manually. There are many events where the students trick the tutor or the person responsible to help their friends. Due to the long and tedious work involved with taking the attendance, many of the students tend to manipulate the attendance. In order to avoid such discrepancies, we at Classpro ensure an automatic RFID based attendance system. The automatic RFID based biometric attendance system will help in recording the accurate attendance of all the students present in your coaching classes. Due to the whole system being automatic, the chances for tampering or manipulating the attendance decreases by 100%. We use an advanced software called Attendpro, to help you maintain the attendance operations

Attendpro is a software created by us, to automate attendance management for coaching classes. For this, coaching class owners need to have Essl x990 machine. Installing this machine will help them take the first step in automating their attendance system. Using this, students can either punch in via RFID card or using their fingerprint and then their attendance will get captured. This attendance will get auto-synced with Classpro which can be used by the coaching classes to send the required information to the parents.

Using Attendpro has many advantages for your coaching classes:

1. In/Out SMS Alerts to Parents:

Notify student’s parents about their recorded late arrivals, early departures and absences, explained and unexplained by SMS with all the required information from the respective classes.

2. Absentee Student SMS ALERT:

Zero human interaction is needed to mark the attendance. If any student is found absent then an automatic message will be sent to their parents.  

3. Automatic Report Generation:

Reports are created at the click of a button. Coaching class owners can also access summaries, trend reports related to the attendance records. Due to this, the whole report can be generated and shared very easily with parents.

4. Speed and Accuracy:

Using a students attendance management system module in your coaching class management software eliminates the need for manual attendance which is a long and cumbersome process. This system is faster and more accurate than a manual attendance system, avoids incorrect data entry, duplication and helps reduce mundane paperwork.

5. Easy to Access data and filters:

Coaching class owners can get the reports of absent students. The report is available even at a batch level so that classes owners can check all the attendance information for a particular batch. The parents are provided with an app, which is available on both Android and iOS platform, through which they can access their attendance report in real time. Another advantage of having the app is it sends them a real-time update of their students attendance like their in and out time etc.

Using our attendance software makes the whole attendance process very simple. Classpro provides the best services for all the coaching classes in order for them to focus better on their aim of educating and empowering their students. So what do you think of using an automated attendance software for your coaching classes? Tell us what you feel about our AttendPro software in the comment section below.

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