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Building the Better Coaching Class

Running a coaching class can be a pretty challenging job. While the main focus is to build and educate your students, we must not ignore the management and administrative tasks as well. In the usual scenario, this work is done by your staff who put in a lot of time and effort into this. Despite their precision, the scope of mistakes and errors can be high. Going manually back to verify and correct the data can prove to be futile and time-consuming.

All these manual tasks can hinder the growth and effort you put on your coaching classes. However, these operations cannot be avoided. Data entry is one of the most time-consuming jobs. But thanks to technology everything is now changing. Thanks to automation, we have now achieved a method through which all these manual chores can be replaced. Automation has decreased the whole workload on a huge scale.

To put it in simple words.

By reducing the time spent of entering, verifying and correcting the data, you can now have more time to focus on developing and growing your coaching classes.

We at Classpro believe in applying automation for the manual works which lead to higher efficiency and productivity. Using our Classpro software, you can minimise the manual data entry to a bare minimum. Here are a few scenarios where the automation feature of our software simplifies your job:

1) Attendance:

Traditionally, attendance is carried out manually via roll call or paper. At Classpro we have automated the entire attendance process via biometric hardware. The ‘Essl X990’ biometric machine helps in simplifying the whole attendance method for your coaching classes. Coaching class owners need to use this machine for attendance purposes due to their flexibility of allowing both fingerprint and a smart card. The students need to swipe this card after which their attendance gets recorded. For those found absent, our system sends an automated SMS to their parents or guardians.

Apart from this, our system sends an SMS as soon as the student reaches and leaves the classes so that coaching classes owners do not have to worry about updating the parents. While completing the task in hand, we also ensure the child’s safety to their parents.

2) Online Fee Collection:

Managing the payment records can be a very tricky job. To make this process simple, we provide an online payment gateway integration through which students can pay their fees online.

In the event of pending fees, our system helps in reminding the parents by sending an automated SMS.

Along with the remainder, we also provide a payment link so that student can pay the fee from the comfort of their home. By eradicating the need for manually reminding parents, our software completely takes over the payment responsibilities of your coaching class.

3) Enquiry/Lead Management:

Using our Enquirypro feature, recording the walk-in enquiry becomes easier. The coaching class owners can now keep track of all enquiries received and can easily manage follow-ups. This helps to save time and reduce paperwork. It also helps in improving the efficiency of data collection. Along with offline enquires, we also record the website enquires as potential leads.  We provide a free web enquiry plugin which can be integrated on your website. After this, any enquiry which may happen on the web is captured and recorded.

4) Document sharing:

Using Classpro, test related answer-papers, notes or any other documents can be shared digitally. Any student can access those documents via our app which is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

A single platform to check all these documents can make it easier for parents, students and you. Since every detail is sent to the parents, it helps them to remain informed about their kid’s progress. This helps in creating a transparent environment for the parents to monitor their kids.

These are just a few examples of how automation in Classpro can help you create a perfect environment for your coaching classes. There are many other operations where automation can prove helpful in coaching classes.  Our methods help you run your operations more effectively and help you concentrate better on the development of your students. In this era of constant innovations in technology, it is always better for your coaching classes to march alongside the trends. Ask all your questions about using Classpro software for your coaching class and automation methods in the comment section below. Do tell us what you feel about automating the manual processes too.

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