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7 Free Online Marketing Tools to Help accelerate your Coaching Class business growth

The digital space is a vast and ever-growing space with so much potential for growth for small businesses and companies. A coaching class has to be considered nothing less a new start-up. Therefore, the strategies employed for the digital presence of a start-up can be extended to be used for your coaching class. However, not all the online marketing tools that are used can be suitable for your class.

To help you focus on your online marketing, we have carefully researched the tools available in the market and made this comprehensive list of online tools.

So Here are the top free online marketing tools for your Coaching class.

1.  Buffer:

Buffer is a social media management tool that will help you optimize your social media postings in sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Each of these platforms adds value to marketing for your business. Using a tool like Buffer will help you increase your followers; engage your audience, and build your brand. This tool helps you to post content, schedule posts and manage your whole social media accounts through a single platform.

The free Buffer account allows you to connect any 3 social media accounts to one dashboard. With their website and app, you can schedule posts, create campaigns, and analyze the success of your posts at the go!

2. Canva:

Canva is a tool which every small business owner must own. It is a free graphics editing software that can be used to create stunning images for social media or illustrations for articles or design infomercials for campaigns.

It is very simple to learn, thus making it a very easy task for new business owners to use it for their businesses.

3. Grammarly:

Content is the key to your coaching class’s prominent presence online. In such scenarios, it is always better to avoid grammar mistakes in the content published by you. Grammarly is the right tool for this purpose. It provides an interactive method of finding simple grammatical mistakes in your copy script or content.

The free version helps you to identify simple grammatical errors and sentence framing.

Grammarly provides a plug-in for your browser, which is supported by all the commonly used browsers and is free of cost. This plug-in can be installed on your browser and it can be used for other platforms like Gmail or Social account descriptions as well. A one-in-all grammar solution for your online presence, Grammarly is a definite tool required in your arsenal.

4. MailChimp:

One of the most standard online marketing methods is Email Marketing. It is proven to deliver better results every single time. In such situations, a tool to help simplify email marketing is definitely a bonus. MailChimp is the best email marketing tool available in the market. It provides an easy to use interface to design and create eye-catchy email designs for your coaching classes. Easy image uploads, templates and many more features to make email marketing far simpler than it is intended to be. You can also check a bunch of other Mailchimp Alternatives here.

5. SurveyMonkey:

Customer reviews are the best way to know about the quality of your service. SurveyMonkey is a simple to use online survey tool which helps you create many different kinds of surveys according to your coaching class’s need. A simple survey example for your coaching class would be NPS. The Net Promoter Score is important for your coaching class’s development as it is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to know how well your services delight the parents. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to design according to your set parameters and helps you gauge your coaching class performance. The results can help you work on the areas which need your attention.

6. Google Analytics:

Everything online begins with Google. Being prominent in Google is what each and every business-owner dreams about. While having a website for your coaching class, it is important to know every crucial stat related to it. The number of visits, the demographics etc.

Google Analytics is free to use tool which provides all the insights related to your website. It shows everything from daily traffic to the pages they look at. It collects data related to your website and helps in identifying the keywords which bring your website as the top search result like ‘Best Coaching class in Mumbai’; ‘Coaching Class in Andheri’ etc.

7. Keyword Everywhere:

This is a very simple keyword search tool which helps you identify keywords which have a higher search ratio in the Google research. For every keyword search on the Google Search Console, it displays the CPC(Cost per click), Volume and the competition. This helps in identifying keywords which can be used in your blogs. Using these keywords, your blogs pop-up high on search. Getting your content easily discovered can help your coaching classes.

These tools each have been selected based on their features, result, and the ease to use. All these tools work hand-in-hand with proper planning and digital market strategy. With the right campaign and plan, you can use these tools to get the desired results for your coaching class. What do you think about these tools? If you have any more tools which you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comments. And if you have something positive to say about the above-mentioned tools, we at Classpro would love to hear about it. Drop a comment or review about the tools in the comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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