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The Learning Curve: Shobha’s Coaching Class

Like any other woman in her prime, Shobha finished her Graduation in Commerce and Masters in Literature and began her happy life as a wife and a mother. While things were going smoothly for her until she noticed that her son faced issues to learn. Being dyslexic is a concept which most school teachers just don’t understand. In order to educate her son in a more convenient and simple method, she began teaching him using innovative methods and learning practices. However, this didn’t help much, as her son did not like studying alone. Then she casually called up her son’s close friends and made them experience this fun method of learning. With time, as the results of every single child who learned with her son got better, the respective parents noticed this and encouraged Shobha to start a coaching class where her fun and innovative methods of teaching could be used to teach young minds the enjoyable way to learn. Sprouted from such a small concept, now Shobha’s Group Tuitions stands as the epitome of success through new and interesting ways to educate children of all age groups.

Mrs Shobha Iyer

With creative methods aimed at helping students not only with dyslexia, but all students to easily understand concepts and use them accordingly is what Shobha stands for. With a very straightforward ideal, Shobha’s Group Tuitions(SGT) has marched its way into the parent’s hearts and has added value to the kids attending them. Classpro reached out to Shobha to learn and share her knowledge and expertise to every aspiring coaching class owner and parent.

Shobha's Group Tuition

Why Innovative methods?

Due to many teachers and schools focussing on rather just stuffing kids with facts and concepts which many don’t understand, the process of learning is essentially lost. Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) firmly believes that using simple and fun methods can help the kids easily understand what is taught and bring something back to the table when it is asked or demanded to be applied. To kindle their interest in a way which makes them feel like they enjoy is the key to reach their minds. This can be only achieved by these new methods.

Is SGT following a corporate structure?

Shobha Group Tuition

While ensuring that SGT does not have a corporate structure, new methods were introduced to handle the whole operations. As growth happens, there are certain structures and rules which they come up with. With many new departments coming in, SGT decided to make the job purpose their designation. Rather than naming roles with posts which may be a bit like a corporate, our business cards names roles as positions such as Chief Envisioning Officer, Happiness Officer, etc. i.e depending on the role of the person and the department, their position is named.

When you play the role you are supposed to play, things become easier” is the motto that is followed in SGT. Rather than burdening our people, we focus on unburdening them. By relieving them and clearly indicating their position and presence helps our staff to focus better. With this clear-minded approach, it is very easy to maintain and focus on the day to day activities of each person and department. Along with many departments being employed to work for the students, automating processes involving manpower has also helped Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) a lot. With automation introduced in the daily activities, there is ample time to be spent on planning and bringing new concepts into SGT. Everybody should keep learning together is the way SGT works.

Special Methods used in SGT?

While making sure knowledge accessible to students, the focus is rather put on the necessity to get scores and learn well. To help visualize the future goals, a lot of new methods have been introduced which actually have proven to make a difference. For example, Study buddy, a teaching method where each student is paired with their peer, is made to understand and learn together. While another innovative method introduced by SGT is called Flip Classrooms.

Shobha Group tuition
Flipped Classroom

In Flip Classrooms, students are openly encouraged to teach teachers who will be attending the class. This helps the students to put forward their ideas in their own way and explain it to teachers. This builds confidence and allows the students to put forward their own ideas to explain a certain topic. All these simple activities help the kids to understand and envision the need and necessity for them to learn. When there are no boundaries of learning, each and every person learns from each other. SGT focuses on breaking the barrier of learning from a single source i.e. even the teachers learn new methods and methodologies from students with activities like Flip Classrooms.

A Modern Curriculum Approach

Shobha Group Tuition

Instead of sticking to the general subjects, Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) focuses on bringing new elements to the table. In an education system where students are generally made to learn subjects that would only help them clear their exams, Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) lays emphasis on building the student’s interest in advanced concepts which will be useful for kids in their life. Bringing in complex subjects such as Managing Finances etc can be used to help the kids understand the concept of financial management while presenting it to their fellow students and teachers. This modern curriculum helps the students get an idea to survive in the practical world while not losing focus from normal academics. A new way of introducing case-studies to the students is the big move in Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT). This kind of practice makes the students understand concepts and explain them to their peers which is a huge deal for anyone.

Parent’s expectations

In our country, being a parent is more related to the biological capability of two individuals than their mental understanding. With many parents trying to push their values just because they are more educated or qualified, will end up confusing the kids. For example, Indian parents often tend to force their children to follow a specific career line instead of asking their kids if they are interested to pursue it.

When you behave as a parent, you must only act as a parent, you cannot take up other roles. If you do that, it makes the kid build up walls to share certain issues. While parents have huge lists of expectations from their kids, however, kids seem to just wish for their parent’s support. That is the only expectation they have from their parents. SGT’s pep talks help in bringing this understanding to parents. With simple talks and sessions, SGT communicates the need to support the kids.

Importance of Workshops For Teachers

When students are the only ones usually grilled with tests, SGT focuses on making their teachers write tests. Teachers are made to write a self-assessment test to help them understand their strengths and weakness. This makes them focus on their shortcomings and work in their areas where they can work more, deliver more. When we are at it, teachers are taught to understand the students more easily. Students also take quarterly tests which have questions which help them understand what they perceive knowledge as. This helps in understanding what the student focuses on being. Visualizing their goals help teachers to use the right methods of teaching. While pushing away the focus of failing, teachers are made to communicate that failing is okay. Learning is the key, so when teachers keep asking them to come after failed efforts, the students themselves take it upon themselves to clear it and avoid this. Making the child understand the consequences than blaming them is the way any teacher or coaching class should work towards.

Being one of the leading women in Coaching domain!

shobha group tuition

Shobha believes that this misconception or bias of differentiation between women and men is not something that should be done. ‘When it comes to a woman, she has lots of responsibilities.  There is a need to balance both personal life and passion. When there is a need to sacrifice one completely, that is when you can call someone unsuccessful. However, fulfilling each responsibility i.e. if she is a good mother, if she is a good wife or a good daughter alone makes a woman successful. But when you have a passion to do something, no one can stop you.’ says Shobha.

Irrespective of the coaching industry having more male front-runners, there is no such say that women can’t do this. She adds, ‘Women just need to step out of their homes and try to work for the society. Women are generally considered to be more empathetic and understanding and using these qualities, they can easily move ahead in the ladder.’ As this is nothing like a competition.

With such dynamic leadership, Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) aims at making coaching and learning experience very easy for students, teachers and their parents. By unburdening and unwinding from the pre-fixed notions helps them to focus better and achieve results which are clearly noticeable. With such a simple yet elegant approach SGT has paved its way into the coaching class industry. Having such dedicated leaders in coaching is what makes us at Classpro wish to work hard to make their work more simple and easy. Thus, allowing them to think and focus on innovating new methods such as how Shobha’s Group Tuitions (SGT) does to bring education to more fun and innovative way.

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  • Ajay Mulchandani
    8th May 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Great work, Jayesh Sir! Appreciate the effort taken by Team Classpro to bring out such wonderful initiatives that add a lot of value to Classpro family… ?????

    • Jayesh Gopalan
      31st May 2019 at 11:09 am

      Thank you Ajay Sir for the encouragement 🙂

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    14th July 2020 at 10:31 am

    Thanks for sharing this blog, it’s great.
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