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Automate Your Assignments with Google Classroom for FREE!

Creating and managing assignments can be a very tedious job for any coaching class. Right from curating questions, constantly reminding student on submitting it on time to getting every assignment properly evaluated and graded. All of these manual activities can be considered nothing less than a challenge. Avoiding this manual work has been quite impossible as proper care has to be exhibited for these assignments as it is considered the 2nd most efficient way, after concentrating in the class, for students to learn a huge deal of things.

However, growth and versatility in modern technology and innovation have seemingly made automation of managing assignments in coaching classes a possibility, and that too a very fruitful one. Enter Google Classroom, a modern method introduced by Google to make students and teachers connect and communicate, inside and outside of coaching class easily. It was introduced in order to help coaching classes create, organize, manage and distribute assignments in a paperless & efficient manner. It uses all Google apps to complete maximum potential. Google Classroom combines Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for content writing, Google Drive for assignment creation and distribution, Google Calendar for scheduling, and Gmail for communications.

This kind of advanced digital learning improves the coaching faculties’ ability to communicate, plan and teach effectively. If you’ve never used Google Classroom, this article will help you know about every single thing that can be done for your coaching classes with the help of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

To explain in plain words, Google Classroom can be referred simply as an interface for managing Google Drive sharing permissions so that the assignments are submitted by students and are graded and returned by instructors paperlessly. Following a paperless workflow for managing coursework will reduce tremendous manual management for the coaching classes. It facilitates more frequent and quick feedback from instructors to students, therefore, providing more space for students to focus on their mistakes and learn better.

How can Google Classroom help your coaching class?

1. Create Classes for students

It allows your coaching class teachers to manage and grade assignments paperlessly within the Google Apps ecosystem. For this purpose, the teachers can create classes and then invite their students to join. After students have been joined, the teacher can share announcements and assignments or ask questions within the class stream, which is like a social media timeline. Each student will be able to view the assignment when the teacher posts it.

2. Create & Manage Assignments easily

Google Classroom makes the whole management of assignments very hassle-free. As mentioned earlier, teachers of your coaching class can easily create assignments. When an assignment is created, the instructor can attach files to it, including Google Drive files. When Drive files are attached, the teacher can choose to let students view the file, view and edit it, or make a copy of the file for each student, like a template. Due to these flexible privacy options, the total control of the entire batch of students is always in the hands of the teachers of the coaching class thus making management a trouble-free job.

Even your students can have the possibility to share comments and questions, but you will be in charge of managing permissions, giving them the opportunity to post and comment, only comment, or nothing at all. However, if you want, you can also contact your students individually, through a dedicated email.

3. Ease for Students completing the assignment

When the student opens the assignment, there is an option to submit the assignment as a Google Drive document or, if a template has been shared, the student can click on the Drive document to begin. Once the Drive document has been opened, Google Classroom creates a folder for the Assignment and gives the student’s document a title. The students now own the document, but the instructor can view and edit it. After the assignment has been submitted, ownership is turned over to the instructor and the student can only view it. The instructor can then leave feedback in the document, grade, and return it. Ownership will then be restored to the student for further revision, however, the instructor can still edit it.

4. Complete control of Grading to Coaching class teachers

Despite all of the sharing settings for assignments being handled by Drive, all of the management and grading takes place within the Classroom interface. There is no common folder for the entire class, it reflects a traditional teacher-to-individual-student model. Every student’s assignment is exclusive between them and the coaching class teacher creating this assignment. After you have added an assignment, you can go on adding an assignment to your course, following the same procedure but with a plus. When you add an assignment, in fact, you can set a due date that will notify your students when they have to make it, and it will also appear in their Google Calendar.

Once your students have handed an assignment, you can check it and grade it. Google Classroom offers you the opportunity to use a dedicated feedback room, so you can comment on your students’ work and then send the assignment back to them. This makes the whole feedback and working on the mistakes an easy and efficient task.

5. A clear Interface for both teachers and students

Nothing is hidden or lost as the latest announcement, question or assignment will appear at the top of the stream. With Google Classroom, teachers can make announcements about lessons or add learning materials to these announcements. As all the information is easy to find, all the students can rest assured,  as no documents or information will be lost. All types of study materials can be added from the Google Drive connected to the Google Classroom. In simple words, coaching class teachers can freely upload files and images, videos from Youtube, and any other link that could be useful for the students. With such high flexibility to add different kinds of data, the whole coaching process becomes quite simple.

6. Allows to add a co-teacher

If the class is managed by more than a single teacher of the coaching class, it is now possible to add a co-teacher to the Google Classroom course. Co-teachers can do anything the teacher can do, but they can’t delete a class. This allows the whole class to be managed by both you and the teachers of your coaching class. Every activity either of you perform is clearly visible to the other, thus creating a completely transparent environment for grading. A no partiality approach for learning is established with Google Classroom.

7. Complete transparency to the Parents

In a coaching class environment, the need for communicating a student’s work and progress to their parents is an utmost necessity. Every coaching class has to take extra efforts to pass this information to the parents. In this regards, Google Classroom offers a special privilege called Invite Guardians option. It is a link next to the student’s name that allows the teachers to add his/her parents to view this assignment. Once you add them, they will receive email summaries about learning activities, progress, upcoming work and so on. This makes the parents have a good understanding of their child’s classwork thus making it easier for them to focus on the areas their child would need more focus on.

In simple words, Google Classroom helps to completely automate the entire assignment process for coaching classes. When the need for focusing on simple and manual tasks such as assignments is automated, it paves the way for coaching class management to dedicate their valuable time in teaching students more effectively. With time being a constraint for new teaching methods, this simple addition to your teaching methodologies would end up being the edge you needed to overcome this constraint to ideate for new ideas for your coaching class to innovate and educate your students.

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