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6 Ways in which Coaching Classes can Automate their Manual Tasks

Running a coaching class is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. When it comes to managing a coaching class, there are many processes involved. To be able to properly manage each and every task is the main challenge faced by the coaching class owners. Each coaching class has a unique style and approach towards running their organization. However, despite the variations in thoughts, there are many tasks which are carried out manually.

If the coaching classes could spare the care, time and attention given to complete these tasks manually, they could use it to focus on the key activity of educating their coaching class students more efficiently. While this might not have been possible earlier, now the means to use the expended resources is a very certain possibility, thanks to Automation. Automating these manual tasks could actually change the way in how a coaching class operates. Coaching classes could now emphasize their teachers to brainstorm new methods for teaching, while encouraging their students to learn things in a fun and effective manner.

Automation is indeed a boon for coaching classes, but choosing the right task for automation might still be a challenge. To help you identify the processes which need to be automated, we at Classpro have made a list of different processes that can be automated with coaching software.

1. Attendance

The entire attendance process, when done manually can be a very time-consuming and exhilarating task. Manual attendance involves maintaining registers for each different set of students which had to fill very carefully by hand. This task not only causes loss of time, but even a slight mismatch during the roll-call can lead to a completely cumbersome rechecking process. However, this complication can be avoided by automating by coaching software. Automating the entire attendance process provides a simple way to manage attendance for coaching class management. While everything is done without human intervention, the involvement of biometric devices ensures a proper and seamless attendance process. As everything is completely automated, collecting the attendance, sending or storing this information becomes very easy.

Along with recording the attendance, use of biometric systems like the ‘Essl X990’, ensures that entry and exit update is sent via an SMS to their parents. This brings a sense of safety and trust for the parents.

2. Exams

While tests and exams are completely necessary to gauge what the students have learnt, the whole exam conducting process involves a lot of different activities which when done manually can be very taxing. However, automation gets rid of all these strenuous tasks. By using coaching software you can automate the exam process, you can do every task such as storing exam questions, managing the test attendance, get a detailed report of every student, and provide transparent and effective result communication to their respective parents.

Automation through coaching software can help you store all the different test sets in an organized manner. This means having a secure system to store these questions, thus avoiding the probability of question paper leaks. Along with this, you can have the complete attendance of your students during these tests recorded automatically without any manual labour. Automation also makes the report generation quite easier. Coaching classes may be able to get the system generated reports for all the tests conducted.

3. Document Sharing

Automation through coaching software eradicates the need for using physical notes or materials in coaching classes. Physical documents can be very difficult to track and carry around, This, however, can be made quite easy and portable with the help of automation. By allowing the teachers, students and the management to share documents such as question papers, assignments, test results or any other study materials digitally, the ease of using these documents increases. While being profitable to the above-mentioned parties, it can also be helpful to the parents as it would provide a single platform for all important documents.

With improvements in technology, it can be viewed in any kind of device. With this kind of flexible document sharing service, students would find it easier to locate the necessary notes or documents.

4. Fee Collection

Fee management and collection is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to a coaching class. Since the operation involves money, this job requires the person handling it to be trustworthy and responsible. But when it comes to automation, since all the procedure is handled by a machine, there is no chance of errors or discrepancy in the handling of money. With the help of coaching software, the coaching classes can handle finances more conveniently.

Automation creates the possibility of integrating an online payment gateway for the parents to pay fees smoothly. Since every information is managed by a system, it makes payment reminder notifications very easy. In the case of a due date approaching, the system automatically triggers an SMS notification to the parents reminding them about the payment. Without the need for any manual reminders, the automated fee management software ensures proper on-time reminders.

5. Enquiry & Lead Management

coaching software

Keeping track of all enquiries would now be much simpler thanks to automation. Automating the lead & enquiry management, allows the coaching classes owners to keep track of the enquires and follow-up on time. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of data collection. Managing both offline and online leads could be done without having to employ special efforts. By using a plugin to record any enquiry that may happen on the website, coaching classes would be able to manage their leads effectively.

6. Parent-Teacher Communications

The feature that makes automation a more reliable and necessary option is the ability for it to provide timely updates without any hindrance. Unlike before, where the management had to arrange all the data of attendance, tests, fees and share it physically with the parents, now all the data collected by the different processes can be generated into different reports and communicated in a jiffy. This option of instant communication provides a transparent medium of communication between the coaching class and the parents thus giving the parents a feeling of customer satisfaction. As every student data is scrutinized and formulated individually without errors, the parents get all the information right on time. This allows them to focus on the weak areas of their child to help them overcome it.

All these tasks if done manually could force the coaching class management to expend extra resources to actually improve themselves. By allowing the automation to take up these tasks, coaching classes now have more time to focus on their internal development. With these non-trivial management tasks handled by automation, it gives the time for coaching class to focus on expanding their reach. From developing new coaching strategies, working on creative methods to educate their students and marketing themselves in a better way, coaching classes would be able to prioritize their free time and resources to grow as an organization.

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