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Choosing The Best Coaching Classes Management Software

As your coaching classes expands, you may find yourself in need of good coaching class management software to help you manage your business more effectively. The ideal software solution can help to save hours of your workweek and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business (like sharing your passion for teaching with your students).

Finding the best coaching class management software match for your specific requirements and budget can be a challenge, but a good way to make this process easier is to create a checklist before starting your search.

coaching class management software

Here are some general things that you may want to consider when trialling coaching classes management software for your business:

Does the software include features aimed specifically at coaching classes?

Today there are many softwares available in the market for any person running a coaching class but the important question to ask does it contains the important features which any coaching class owner needs.

At Classpro we provide the below features which help in smoothly running the management of the coaching class.

1) Fee Management:

Classpro provides fee instalment automatic reminder feature through which it sends automatic SMS/Email reminder before the respective instalment due date. Along with that, we provide insightful reports related to due & overdue of fee instalment which helps in tracking properly fee instalment.

2) Enquiry:

Using our Enquirypro app student enquiry process can be automated. For example, if anyone student is coming for an enquiry then directly that enquiry can be captured via our app and then all further follow-ups related to that enquiry can be managed via Classpro.

3) Exam:

Using our exam marks importer any offline test conducted in a coaching class can be easily uploaded in Classpro along with that notification can be sent to the parent about their child’s progress.

4) Attendance:

Using our Attendpro software entire attendance tracking process can be automated via biometric hardware.

Does the software make it possible to automate certain processes? (such as fee collection and calculating faculty hourly salary)

It’s definitely a good idea to opt for coaching class management software that offers a few different automation features. Some processes (like fee collection, calculating faculty salary, attendance) are repetitive and automating them can free up a ton of time. Below I am sharing some process which can be automated using Classpro.

1) Fee Collection: Gone are the traditional days of collecting payment via cash. At Classpro we provide payment gateway integration using which you can accept payment from a student via any online payment mode.

2) Attendance Tracking: Attendance tracking process can be automated via biometric hardware and the attendance can be updated via student fingerprint punch or using smart RFID cards. Our software will track each and every student coming to your coaching classes and sends In time, Out Time and Absentee SMS to the parents, so you can focus on giving the student a better, more effective teaching facility

Can the software grow with my business, or will I outgrow it in the next 5 years?

If you plan to expand your coaching classes with multiple centres, it’s important to choose software that will grow according to your needs. When your business is in small scale it may be easy to manage fee collection, enquiry and attendance. You need to ask a question will it still be easy and efficient when you have to manage thousands of student records in future.

Classpro is a highly scalable coaching class management software that will help you to automate your coaching class management regardless of its size. Whatever your business requirements, we have you covered.

Does the software company provide good support?

With most software companies providing software trial, one of the easiest ways is to reach out to their support team to see how responsive they are and pay special attention to their responses. Do they invite you to ask additional questions or follow up if they may have misunderstood your requirements? 

At Classpro we provide our clients with great customer support and for any product-related issues, we involve our technical team to make sure that issue is resolved as fast as possible. In addition to that, we have a self-service knowledge base which contains a common query.

Can the software be integrated with my website?

If you have your own coaching classes website, you may want to consider software with features that can be integrated with your website.
Classpro offers several features that can easily be added to your coaching classes website.

1) Student/Admin Login: Student and Admin login can be added directly on your own website so that they don’t have to remember any external link.

2) Enquiry Plugin: Classpro provides with enquiry plugin feature through which any enquiry happening on your own website can be captured directly and this will reduce the manual data entry process and the chances of leads getting misplaced apart from that we send instant notification via SMS/Email on any new enquiry.

Is the software user-friendly, or is it cluttered with unnecessary features that are not relevant to coaching class?

Initially tons of features might look impressive, you may want to choose software that’s not cluttered with features you will never use for your business.  User- friendly software can help in reducing the time for data entry and familiarising your staff with the software and training becomes easy.

At Classpro we believe in simplicity, apart from that in our software every module works independently and the biggest advantage of this is the user can choose to use the feature which they need to use. Along with that Classpro offers only features which are actually needed by any coaching classes owner to run their business smoothly.

Is the software mobile friendly and can it be accessed from anywhere?

Today due to easy access to a smartphone it has become essential that software should be easily accessible on the go.

Classpro is a browser-based software and we have apps for both App Store and Play store platform using which a coaching class owner, staff, students and parents can access the information needed at any time and anywhere.

Coaching classes management software can save your hours of work by optimising the way you manage your coaching class. This frees up more time that you can use to focus on teaching and to grow your business.

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  • shahid shaikh
    8th March 2020 at 2:12 pm

    Bravo! It is absolutely right.
    Coaching business has many hurdles and it can be overcome with right coaching class management software.
    I have also find such software which fulfills all the requirements of a coaching class. It has tons of features and it can generate thousands of reports. It has 60 days free demo. One should visit for further details.

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