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Product Launch: Online Teaching

You might have probably heard this saying:

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.”

— Vladimir Lenin

At Classpro, our mission is to help coaching institutes survive and grow, but the current Covid-19 pandemic has caused severe disruption in the teaching model.

Our development team was hard at work in developing a premium online teaching module based on the needs, aiming to assist our clients in providing online education seamlessly to their students.

Below are the new modules introduced in Classpro, making distance teaching and learning a smooth, delightful experience :

1) Online Live Classes:

Classpro has launched a live class module, with the Zoom team’s assistance, building more in-depth integration with our software. While evaluating live class technology, our primary focus was on whether online teaching is possible on low internet; will there be any disruption while teaching and security of data.

Learn how to conduct online lectures with Classpro.

You must be thinking, why do we need to use Classpro to conduct live classes vs. directly using zoom. Let me share some of the advantages:

  • Branded app:

Using our system, students don’t need to download Zoom app, they will be able to attend the same via your own branded mobile app and web app.

  • Auto Attendance: 

Our system will automatically detect students attending the class and will mark their attendance, and those found absent. We have a provision to send instant notification to parents. 

  • No Manual Link Sharing:

With the lecture scheduling feature, students can view all the classes scheduled, and with one click, they will be able to join the live class. 

  • Security:

The most significant advantage of using our system is Classpro makes live teaching secure, and the student will be studying from the branded app, and it is 100% secure. The HTTPS layer secures all our website URL, and we have enabled 256 bit AES encryption technology through which students can securely watch the video without any fear.

 2) Pre-recorded course videos:

Using Classpro’s new pre-recorded video module, you can easily upload pre-recorded course videos and add them to your classes.

For the pre-recorded video module, we are using Amazon Media services to deliver online video streaming. This has helped us in delivering world-class video streaming, and it is as good as watching a video on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

Here are some of the critical feature of this module:

  • Single device access:

Students will be able to attend the class only via a single device. Hence, there is no possibility of other users accessing the videos.

  • Anti-screen-recording:

On our Android app Anti-screen-recording security feature is enabled by default. Due to this nobody can record the videos.

Stay tuned! Our team is working on developing more amazing tools required to run online coaching classes. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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  • Jayesh Gopalan
    3rd July 2020 at 9:34 am

    We would love to hear your feedback via comments 🙂

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