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Razorpay Integration: Start Accepting Payments Today

We are proud to announce our latest integration with India’s leading online payment gateway provider Razorpay. Razorpay will help coaching classes owners to accept fees from parents & students. Razorpay is a popular and effortless app to integrate and has a variety of features. Let me share some of the features: Merchants have access to […]

classpro youtube integration

Youtube Integration: Share Youtube Videos easily with Students

We are excited to inform you that Classpro has introduced a YouTube Video integration feature exclusively designed for all our Classpro coaching partners. This feature allows teachers to share their pre-recorded class videos with students. Students will be able to access videos via our Studentpro or Whitelabel app. Let me share some of the benefits […]

Introducing Online Assignment Modul

Online Assignment Module: Send, Collect, and Share Feedback Easily

Written assignments are a great source to offer insights into students’ learning.  However, we at Classpro noticed that the distribution and evaluation of these huge stacks of assignments is a burdensome & time-consuming task for most teachers.  Hence, to ease these tasks for teachers we have introduced the Online Assignment Module- a part of our […]

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Best Tips for Teaching Online with Zoom

Amid this COVID 19 crisis, many apps have helped multiple businesses like coaching institutes to resume and function securely and easily. Zoom is currently the #1 most downloaded Business app in the Play store and the second most downloaded app overall. This feature-rich app enables teachers to teach their students from home. Despite there being […]

Online Teaching Software image

Product Launch: Online Teaching

You might have probably heard this saying: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.” — Vladimir Lenin At Classpro, our mission is to help coaching institutes survive and grow, but the current Covid-19 pandemic has caused severe disruption in the teaching model. Our development team was hard at work […]

Google course kit blog banner

Google Course Kit: Upgrade your Learning Management System

Effective online teaching and learning require seamless collaboration, that is where the Learning Management System (LMS) came into the picture in the 1990s.  If you are hearing about LMS for the first time, let me tell you, that LMS is a web-based software application that is effective for online school learning and corporate training. Nowadays, […]

Choosing The Best Coaching Classes Management Software

As your coaching classes expands, you may find yourself in need of good coaching class management software to help you manage your business more effectively. The ideal software solution can help to save hours of your workweek and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business (like sharing your passion for […]

Edtech: Unlocking students’ and teachers’ hidden potential

Technology as a tool has the ability to transform learning for individuals. Edtech (Education Technology) can bring personal effect, efficiency, and enhanced understanding by including videos and collaboration in learning.The time and location flexibility which Edtech brings has transformed learning and tutoring, making classroom sessions quite engaging and interactive. Take an example of Radhika, a […]


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