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Product Updates: More automation for you!

Hey folks! I hope you liked our previous post on the 7 free tools! I’m back to update you on the recent changes that have been going on at Classpro.
Teeny-weeny product updates, but really you cannot ignore the help they provide you.

Let’s unwrap the list of updates…..


1. Batch Filter
We have added a new filter to the Attendance page, which makes it easier for you to take out timetables for a particular batch.
Have a look!

Batch Filter-Classpro

2. Lecture Reminder
Traditionally, You had to send reminders for every lecture that you create. So we decided to make your task less complicated, By adding a ‘Send SMS’ option. You can send reminders for all the lectures of a particular batch.

Click on Attendance in Lectures, select any batch from the batch filter and click on ‘Send SMS’.

SEND SMS - Classpro


Admission Report:

School/College filter has been added to get a more detailed report.

School Filter-Classpro

Activity Feed:

On a single page, you can see all your notes added by different users on Classpro.

Activity Feed

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