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In the wake of competitive entrance examinations and professional courses, students are gripped by an ‘All India Phenomenon’ called The Coaching Classes (Industry). Almost unavoidable in today’s times, coaching classes are no longer an option but a necessity. With a growth rate of about 35% in the past six years, coaching classes are becoming a part of a child’s daily routine.
No wonder that in this $35 billion industry, it is pretty difficult to establish oneself. This is where Marketing for coaching classes comes into the picture. If you would invest a few extra hours and money today, you will get huge returns in the future.

Here are 5 ways which will guarantee an increase in your inquiries.

1. Internet Marketing
It is absolutely important to leverage the power given be the internet for free or low-cost advertising. Advertising on Google or Facebook is an excellent way to gain brand exposure and bring qualified visitors to your website and convert website “visitors” into prospects. Google maps are great places to get visibility of your coaching center. You can list your coaching center and advertise on online marketplaces like OLX and Quikr to get free visibility.

2. Social Media Marketing
As a coaching business owner, you should leverage social media to amplify your brand message. Social Media Marketing means advertising on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. YouTube videos are the best ways to advertise as people like to watch videos. You can create a Facebook page for your coaching institutes. Using Social Media you can connect to your existing and new customers by posting frequent updates about your institute youtube and LinkedIn.

3. Banners
In spite of the internet and social media, banners are still a great way to advertise your coaching classes. But with the number of banner ads out there, consumers are experiencing “banner blindness.” With this in mind, there are some factors to be taken care of to get your banner noticed. Firstly, you need to do some research and choose your words wisely. The most important thing is to find the right place for them. You can have ads on trains, buses, stations, walls, etc. Remember “You don’t need more banners; you just need more views.”

4. Pamphlets
Marketing through Pamphlets involves many key aspects. First of all, the pamphlet should be carefully designed with your target audience in mind. Pamphlet distribution should be targeted. Do some research about the demographics of your target audience and distribute it where you will find them. The time it right. Also, be prepared to pick up dropped leaflets since you’ll do more damage to your campaign by littering the streets with your pamphlets.

5. Free Seminars
Marketing also includes conducting activities such as free workshops or counseling sessions where you give away free specialty items like key chains, hats, pens, etc. With your company’s logo on it. This would also be a good time to distribute pamphlets as your audience would keep it along with the specialty item. These activities allow you to subtly promote your product or company because the focus is on the event or specialty item. Your company’s name is simply associated with the event or specialty item.

No matter how much you market your coaching classes, the ultimate advertisement is your teaching material and quality of education. Because when your student does well, you have something to brag about in the local press and to parents. RESULTS ATTRACT MORE THAN ADS

How do you market your coaching classes?

Feel free to share any experiences in the comments. It’d be a privilege to learn from you!

last updated on 31 Oct 2019 …

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  1. i am starting my private and group tuitions for JEE physics in Dombivli, Mumbai. I am going to put banner and distribute pamplets during the 10th board exams coming in March. What more should I do? Can you guide me.

    1. You can also come up with a free seminar topic on “How too prepare for JEE exams ? ” and for this you can approach school and colleges to update students of this opportunity also create a free blog in which you share free contents related to preparation of JEE Physics. The other thing you can do would be maybe approach coaching classes with only school section and doing a tie-up with them for JEE segment preparation. Do create a free Facebook official fan page of your coaching classes and tell your friends from Dombivali to like and share it in their circle.

  2. We are three year old coaching institute. we are hearing the results of students are good still the institute is not growing up to the expectations. in the beginning, we had full time counsellor and later stages we have appointed part time counselor but results are not up to the mark. all the above mentioned strategies are used,.

    1. Infact if you stick with the quality of study deliver then I dont think you will need more ads and all these things.
      Ad part will be delivered by the student itself.
      My aim is not in any way to measure your institute’s potential weaker but there is always a chance of improvement.

  3. To answer this question lets divide it into two parts:

    1) Understanding Student Feedback:

    One of the first thing you can do would be to get feedback from students on how they rate your service delivered. For running feedback survey you can also use free tools like

    2) Marketing Strategies Planning:

    The biggest question to ask will be: “How will you differentiate yourself from other institute ?” And after that you will need to plan the marketing strategies accordingly. Before starting with any marketing activity understand from which sources maximum students are coming from as it will help in creating the right marketing strategies. Based on that marketing budget can be planned out for both Offline (Banner,Seminar,Referral,Newspaper) and Digital (SEO/PPC/SMO/Content) Marketing. There is a very famous quote by William Edwards Deming “In God we trust, all others bring data.” So do measure every marketing activity to understand which one works in your case as every business need is different.

  4. hi
    i am going to open my institute ANALOGUE INSTITUTE.. from class 1st to 12,graduation level,for government exam preparation ,for those who are looking for language classes(ENGLISH,GERMAN,FRENCH) there any other method to promote other than Pamphlets,boards,promotional sms services,if yes please let me know..

  5. @Shaloo

    Yes the other powerful medium will be referral marketing.
    Most of the student take decision to join class based on where his friends is going.
    So if you can build some strategy around that will be great.
    For example: Come in group of 4 students to get 10% discount. This is one way but referral marketing is a good way to grow the business.

  6. I am starting a whole IT courses classes which will includes all degress IT subjects with other courses too. Need some unique way to do publicity and attract the people for the same.

  7. @Sohil

    The best way for this will be using Digital Marketing.

    1. Paid:
    You can use Google Adwords to rank on first page for query students are searching for and it should be very specific related to your course.

    2. Free:
    Start with a free blog and share content related to the course you plan to do and do google about SEO marketing as it will help you in freely getting traffic related to your course.

    Regarding offline marketing strategy i have already answered in the comment section.

    Let me know if you have any more query.

  8. I want to open digital marketing institute in tier3 city in uttarpradesh.pls guide me what’s the best way to bring max students.

    1. Digital (SEO/PPC/SMO/Content) Marketing will be a good way to start it. Along with offline marketing and tie up with colleges with graduation course will be very much helpfull. As there will be students looking to join course to add skillset on thier resume.

      1. Thanks for your reply.I think placement cell of particular college can help me in getting data of students.

  9. Coaching classes are becoming the key factors for many students to make their educational belongings worth in all the way. It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that the entire taglines and the course of actions are very much productive along with functional in every possible cases. In those cases this is an ample actions to all.

  10. i am willing to launch English course at my institute..what are the things i need to prepare beforehand….in context of Marketing, things for classes, need to understand the whole cycle of launching a course. kindly share every bit of that everyone who is having plan to launch a course can easily understand it.

  11. Now a day, most of the people search online for each and everything. The best way to promote your business will be the Digital Marketing. We are one of the best Seo Training Institute Amritsar who provide training regarding Digital Marketing. We are going to start a new batch for SEO Training.

  12. Hello, I need to know how can I grab students attention towards my setup. This year I.e from August I’m planning to give a session to the O Level students and I have only 3 students with me . I’m planning to arrange a session in a hotel as this type of practice is experienced here in Karachi. How can I gather more students . My students achieve outstanding grades but don’t know why I have such few students with me. I expect them to bring me more Ostudents. Or do i have to contact any such organization who would help me grow a brand name .Kindly assist me with your valuable ideas. Regards
    Lubna Hussain

    1. Digital marketing can a good way to bring students. As offline marketing i have already discussed. Create a free seminar and create a topic which is very appealing to them and after attending they should be able to gain something and then give some free goodies and give them some coupon or offer like if they join your session within this timeframe they will be getting some discount or you can give them some group discount offer.

      Start with free blog and facebook fan page and you can suggest your existing student to like and create an event invite of facebook fan page and best will be your existing student inviting their friends.

  13. Am from Placement and training company, we train the mechanical and electronics engineer students for various companies like HCL, L&T, TATA MARCOPOLO and QUEST GLOBAL.
    Thing is for training students need to pay 65000/- & we providing offer letter at the time of joining to training, before taking to training we will take technical round from the core companies our aim is to provide 100% placement. but still admission ratio is less….. so what stragy can i make to improve admissions.

  14. You have correctly said that no matter how much we market our coaching classes, the ultimate
    advertisement is our teaching material and quality of education. Thanks for sharing very interesting blog with us. Hope you will come up with new ideas in your next blog post.

    1. @kevenhills:disqus Both internet and social media marketing is a very broad term we will surely have a separate write up detailing on that,

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  16. hi
    i am from overseas education industry… we find lot of competitors and its really difficult to get students for coaching and counseling…. pls suggest something which will help me to hv walkins and increase my business

  17. hi

    i am from coaching /overseas education industry….. the market is very bad because of false information provided as per market analysis…. provide suggestion to advt or get students details or increase walkin for coaching and counseling.

    1. We can divide this into two parts:

      1) Digital Marketing:

      – One of the good idea would be to create a website of your coaching center along with a blog.
      You can start with blog content on how cheating happens with students in the overseas education industry.
      If you don’t have much budget then you can start with free wordpress blog.
      There are many such content ideas.

      – Start with free Youtube videos providing advice relevant to students those who are going for overseas.

      2) Offline Marketing:
      Also try to tie up with engineering tuition center or you can start with free seminar targeting engineering college in which students will get actual idea on overseas studying.

  18. Hello sir,

    We are about to start a Bank coaching institute.How to know the Mobile Number details of People near our Coaching centre(Around 5 km radius) to message them about the opening of our Coaching centre.

  19. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I run a digital marketing training centre and find it very difficult to get students. I have done everything possible online but now I should really do something offline to get more traction.

    My website:

    1. India is a market in which people are attracted more towards Job oriented focus. So if you can focus your marketing on that theme and show the list of students who have got job doing this course it will increase the chance of student joining the course.
      Another medium is by giving free seminar in engineering college. One of the other best offline marketing way if utilized in a proper way is cold calling students and providing them some free 1 to 1 guidance on career scope in digital marketing industry.

  20. Digital Marketing is the most effective way in today’s world for promoting your brand effectively. The reason being, almost 70%-80% people are connected to social networking by means of various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter Linkedin & Google +. These platforms provide an intermediate bridge between the Consumers and the Brands, and gives the direct access to connect with each other. Thus coaching classes are also taking advantage of this prime medium and connect with the students & their parents directly.

  21. Hello Sir. I am sharon from bangalore. We have opened computer center. We are providing courses like C,C++,Java,.net,web designing etc. As per your opinion we have made our web page and we tag to urbanpro
    but still we are not getting any students. almost 1month over so can you please tell me how to attract or get students.

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  24. Good topic details discus the matter from primary label I appreciated about this matter it also benefit for new one who starting the business. Thank’s.

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