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Product Enhancement: Browser Notification, ID Card Vertical layout and many more

With the start of the new academic year may have been an exciting month for us with a lot of new improvements in our existing module by our engineering team.

Here it goes:

Desktop Notifications:

Classpro can send pop-up notifications to your desktop so you don’t miss activity that’s important to you. All Enquiry followup and for Enquiry assigned will send a desktop notification.

Browser Notification - Classpro
(Click to enlarge image)

Email System:

We have shifted our entire email system for speed and reliability. Currently, our entire email system is powered by Amazon SES.

Lead Data Access:

Controlling access to your Lead database and sales data is a critical aspect of keeping your data safe and accessible to those who need it.
In leads now we have added a new field of Owner so the only person with the ownership access will be able to see the lead.
From now onwards you can enable or disable the Data Access. To change existing user rights, click on Settings > User > Roles inside Roles edit it and there you will find Lead Access setting in that select either All Leads or Own Leads.
• All Leads – Users can access their own data, and the data owned by their subordinates. They can perform actions on all data.
• Own Leads – A user with ‘user-level’ access has access to their own data only. Users can only perform actions on this data.

ID Card:

The Vertical layout has been added for the Student ID Card generation. Make sure to select the new layout from the ID Card Settings.

Student ID Card
(Click to enlarge image)

Fees Received Verify:

The verify tool on the Fee received page allows you to separate your transactions between two statuses: verified, and unverified.
Think of verified transactions as complete transactions and unverified as transactions that still need your attention. Once you know you have checked over a transaction and it’s correct, that is when you verify it.

Topic – Hour Allocation:

For any topic now expected hour can be allocated as it will help in analyzing expected vs actual hours are taken for completing a particular topic by faculty.
As always, please feel free to share your feedback via the comment section below.

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