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7 Effective Cheap Marketing Ideas for Coaching Class

marketing ideas for coaching class

1. Use Social Media: 
The increasing popularity of Facebook and other social media tools like WhatsApp, Instagram, especially among the youngsters has made it imperative for businesses to have their presence on these sites and now with students using almost all the time, there are multiple reasons why coaching centres should also be using social media, not only for marketing but as a broadcast medium to students and parents.The virality of discussions on social media can be used by coaching centres too to drastically improve their marketing efforts and increase the leads, just create a Facebook fan page (which is completely free to setup) and circulate the link among your current students, encourage them to share their stories on the fan page and also share your coaching centres success stories too. 

2. Create a Blog : 
The blog is a medium where you can establish the thought leadership of your coaching center, though you can get blogging done by one of your employees, it’s best if you do it or get your teachers to do the blogging. Here, for example, you can share tips on how a student can prepare better for the examination, share the glimpses of some of the best coaching material you have, share a daily question to solve. You can cross post these links on social media sites too. This way you will not only be engaged with your students, you can drive students who are not currently enrolled with you, making it one of the best ways of marketing your coaching center online.
3. Get your coaching center listed on Justdial and other local listings :
Apart from word of mouth marketing, students do spend a lot of time on google on researching coaching centers and you might be losing lots of business if you cannot somehow figure out in those searches. One of the easy ways to get into the top Google searches for your city and locality is getting listed on Justdial and other local listings, all these listing sites do some amazing search engine optimization to make sure your listing appears in the first page of google searches.
4. Leverage video :
One cannot emphasize enough as for how important video has become for any business these days, especially with social media sites like Facebook aggressively pushing videos, the video is a must have in your marketing repertoire.

Some of the things you can do in the video are guidance on how to prepare for the examination, exam tips, interviews with students who performed well and also interviews with the teachers.
5. Create a mailing list :
Once you made all the efforts to increase the footfall of students on your website, it is very important to create an email subscription form on the landing page of the website and collect the student details including their email. You should also actively curate the list of students who have shown interest and send them a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter of the content that is performing well on your blog.

You can use for sending emails and managing the mailing list for free, up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Learn more about Mailchimp pricing.
6. Offer free sample classes at schools :
This is again one of the best marketing efforts you can do with little or no money, getting your teachers to the schools to offer free sample classes, will get students to get a preview into what they will be gaining by joining your coaching classes and when your coaching centre will be the first to come to their mind, when they will think of joining one.
7. Create a referral program for parents :
Businesses often underestimate a referral program and most coaching centers don’t typically have any. Creating a referral program for parents, especially the parents who are enthusiastic about your classes can be a big boon for your marketing efforts. This way you will be creating your army of evangelists, who will put some good efforts to make sure you have good conversion through them.

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