Classpro has introduced an all-new Assignment module to streamline the process of managing assignment/homework activities. Now faculties can set, track, mark their student’s assignments and communicate with students & parents about the assignment status.

For Faculties:
Giving assignment/homework in the classrooms is always a hassle for the teachers. It is always difficult to check which student has submitted their homework. But now managing these activities has become easy.

    • Faculties can now set assignment/homework ahead of time.
    • They can plan and set homework for students and upload all the supporting documents that students require to complete the homework.
    • Keep a track on submissions which require checking and which student’s assignment/homework are due.
  • Save time by generating comprehensive homework reports instantly. Monitor student’s progress for different subjects and also keep a track on the performance of the Class.

Assignment module

For Students:
Students tend to forget homework because they are always occupied with different activities during the day. Sometimes they remain absent in the classes, they miss their homework and have to contact their friends for notes.
Finishing homework on time to boost their performance, build a sense of responsibility and help them stay focused.

    • The Module comes with homework deadlines which helps them not to forget their homework.
  • With all the supporting documents and details online, students can finish their homework without any stress.

Assignment module

For Parents:
Parents can keep a track of their child’s performance by checking their homework on the Classpro Student login.

    • When the faculty sets a new homework, parents are notified with an email/SMS.
  • They can keep a track of if their child’s homework is completed and see their homework status.

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