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6 Tips for Coaching Classes to Grow Visibility on Google

Search Engines like Google serves millions of users of per day providing them answers to their searched questions or solutions to their problem. Around 83.56% Parents-Students find out information about any coaching class online through Google Search and whichever coaching classes rank on the first page takes the cake away.

No matter the size of the coaching class, its strong presence online determines its online searchability. How top is their coaching website is displayed when searched is what counts as a criterion for their high coaching business demand. Being displayed above their coaching competitors is what every coaching business owner would love. This rule applies even to coaching class owners. However with the increasing search, the need for the coaching class to appear on the top of the search results is highly desired.

We at Classpro have done the research for all the coaching class owners to help their classes rocket up in the search results. So here are 6 simple and effective tips for coaching class owners that will help them to grow their visibility on Google search.

Coaching Class

1. Google Reviews:

One of the easiest and simple methods to follow to help your business reach more people is to use Google Reviews. The present-day search trend is to search for keywords like “Coaching classes near me” or “coaching classes in Andheri” or by the name of your coaching class. The first result to catch the eye of people would be the google review that pops up in the search results. Everyone nowadays has a google account, ask parents of your coaching classes to write reviews for you. Make sure to add more reviews so as to get more attention in the search result.

2. Make a List of Keywords for your website:

It is always mandatory to know when your website has to pop-up on the search. Search engines work on the basis of keywords. Therefore it is important for you to note down the basic keywords which you think describe your coaching classes.

It is better to tabulate your research regarding keywords. Ask your close friends and note down their results, this will help you in finding the common keywords which they would search more when it comes to coaching class. This gives an insight into what others may search on the web. For example, keywords such as “ Coaching classes near Malad”, “Coaching classes in Andheri East” are location specific. These keywords help your coaching class to show up more easily on the search results.

Note down all these keywords and make sure to create a list. Search with those keywords and note down where your website stands. Don’t go beyond 10 pages. While you do this exercise, check for the keywords where your competitors show up, this will give you a competitive analysis of keywords.

3. List your coaching classes in local listings

There are quite a few local listing websites such as Just Dial, Sulekha etc. which can help your coaching classes show up high in search. Due to their more highly Search ranking favourable website, their listings help your coaching classes show up when the keywords from the above step are searched for.

Due to their more specific keyword nature, the above step of identifying the keywords can help you enter the right keywords while listing your coaching class in these platforms. This is one of the effective tips for coaching classes to improve visibility.

4. Write a post on your site dedicated to all the main keywords

While you have just used the main keywords in the description of the local listings, we must not miss the other generic keywords like ‘Coaching classes’, ‘coaching class for 10th class student’ and many more. It is considered a good practice if you can add a blog post or an article of maybe 200-300 words and covering most of the other keywords. Writing it naturally would be the key to helping the post add value to the Search Engine Optimisation for your website. It should be easy to read and the keywords need to make proper sense. Doing this can help in driving more traffic to your website.

Write regular blog posts similarly to build a better presence on search engines.

5. Using Social Media to Bring more traffic

Once you have these blog posts or articles on your site, it’s advisable to post them out on the web. Start with the social sites as they are the most visited and used nowadays. Search engines crawl and track these links back to your site, plus it’s an easy way to get your friends and top customers involved. Along with social media platforms, it is better to use content platforms like Quora or Medium to promote your blog posts. They provide a good quality of backlinks as well.

6. Collaborating with friends and known website owners

One of the key step to highlight your coaching classes would be references on other websites. Ask your friends or people who own a website to talk about your coaching classes on their website while using one of the top keywords. Adding a link with that text would add a huge value as it helps the customers to know about the credibility of the business. Search crawlers like Google use credibility as a measure to suggest a business to the people searching a similar keyword.

These methods can prove very helpful to your websites. Keeping your websites optimised for Search Engines is a key factor for online business nowadays. In order to stay relevant, it is necessary for your website to follow these tips. We at ClassPro do follow these methods in order to be the no-1 platform for coaching class management online. Please do tell us in the comments below of what you think about these tips. If you have any other tips to add, please let us know.


  • Rahul Dutt
    13th February 2019 at 9:44 am

    Good Blog, It covers basics of SEO and helpful for small and medium business especially for Educational Institutes where there is little or no knowledge of Digital Marketing.

    • Jayesh Gopalan
      14th February 2019 at 6:49 am

      Yes, Great to hear those words. One thing we have noticed is there is lack of awareness on Digital Marketing in coaching classes industry. This is one of the small step from our side we plan to create more such interesting content.

  • Noorvis Academy
    1st July 2019 at 6:25 am

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