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Track each penny with our newly arrived Expense Management Feature


Expense MAnagement Feature

All the folks who tried Classpro have only one question popping in their head, “How can we manage expense and why it’s not there in Classpro?”
Having heard this question a million times over, We made the decision of implementing the Expense module on Classpro.

After a month of research on expense models and user experience, we came up with a user-friendly design that will manage all your expenses incurred while running coaching classes. As you all must have seen the new expense model showing on the top bar, I’d like to take you to a tour of the add-on facility along with Expense module.

1. Expense Main Module: Just click on Add New Expense, fill all the required details and track your every expense. If you realize that any data entered might be wrong then don’t worry, you can click on “” (three vertical dots)  to edit the details and save it again.

Expense Main module

2. Specialized Expense Report: We provide three different types of report i.e. Overall Expense, Category-wise, and Vendor-wise. Get a customized report in the form of PDF or Excel using filters.

Expense Reports

3.  Add Expense Categories and Vendors: Other than predefined categories and vendors, you can add them as per your requirement. Old vendors which are not being used can be archived or deleted. Click on the to edit, delete or archive.

Expense Add Categories and Vendors


These were the most awaited features which were expected by our many of our Classpro members. Do let us know if they’re more on the list which has to be implemented on Classpro.  Now no more searching for software which has expense management feature, Just try Classpro – Where you get all the necessary features at one place.

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