5 Free Website Builders for Coaching Classes

In this digitalized world you cannot run a coaching class successfully without having any significant presence in the realm of the World Wide Web. But building a website is not the easiest thing on the planet, as it requires money as well as in-depth knowledge of the processes of web designing.

Fortunately, there are some robust free website builders which will provide you with all the necessary tools to get your website built wonderfully. But choosing the right website building software to build your website can be very tricky since there are so many; hence, we have decided you present to you the top five website builders to make this choice easy for you.

Want to know more about these free website builders? Scroll down to find out:

1. Weebly:

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Weebly has made a name for itself as one of the best free website building tools available on the internet. Weebly has also been featured in 50 best websites of the year by the TIME magazine. Thus, there is no denying that this website builder is the one that you can use to create a beautiful website for your coaching classes.

What makes Weebly so popular for creating the most proficient websites for the coaching classes? Let’s find it out:

  • A secure environment for your students: Weebly provides your website with extra security and protection against any online malware based harassment.
  • Wondrous features for blogging: From posting the home works, assignments to publishing the class schedules or study materials, a blog for your coaching class is highly required to have all the processes function properly.
  • Beautiful Designs: Weebly provides you with more than 70 beautifully designed website templates which you will be able to use for your website.
  • Free to use: You will be getting all above-listed website building features along with many more without any cost. However, there is e-commerce as well as the premium versions of Weebly for which you need to pay some remuneration but those features are hardly required for a simple coaching class website like yours.

Thus, get your coaching class website built most beautifully without having to pay a single dime by using Weebly.

2. Wix:

free website builders

Wix is also in the race with Weebly to be the best free website builders. Wix describes itself on the internet as a leading cloud-based platform that enables the business owners across the globe to create most dextrous websites for themselves. It is a website builder tool that you need to check out to create the most beautiful and efficient website for your coaching class.

Wix also has a very efficient drag and drop user interface with which you can add texts, multimedia contents and maps to your website without any worries.

3. Webs:

free website builders

The functionalities that Webs provides the coaching class owners are the best and no one can probably match that. Webs help in making your coaching class website search engine optimized thus providing your website with better ranks in the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The SEO functionality that Webs adds to your website makes it ahead of most of the top free website builders.

4. Squarespace:

free website builders

Squarespace is one of those free website builder sites which helps to make your website creative and unique. From beautiful design templates to video backgrounds, Squarespace leaves no stone unturned to make your website look most appealing.

There are several features of Squarespace and it is not possible to list them all. Hence, here are some most popular features of Squarespace:

  • World Class Templates: The templates that are showcased on the website of Squarespace are most beautiful and most creatively designed.
  • Video Backgrounds: With Squarespace, you will be able to provide your students with the best visual experience. Use the video background of Squarespace to bring your coaching class website background to life.
  • Mobile Optimisation and SEO: Squarespace automatically makes your website optimized for the mobile devices hence your students will also be able to read the blogs and check your website out on their mobile. This free website builder website also helps you to make your website search engine optimized to gain more traffic and best ranks in the popular search engines.

Use Squarespace and create a most appealing website for your students.

5. WordPress:

free website builders

Although the best features of WordPress can only be unveiled in its premium version but the free version of WordPress is still a fan favorite. WordPress provides you with a very easy drag and drops user interface which you can use easily to create your website. Moreover, WordPress provides you with the most stalwart web hosting and it also allows you to host five websites all at once.

The best USP of WordPress is its beautifully designed templates which do not only make your website look most attractive but also provides your coaching class website with the best SEO advantages and a boost in traffic generation.

WordPress is best known for its blogging features, thus with WordPress, you will be able to develop the best blogs for your coaching class website thereby providing your students with the best advantages.

Building a website is not the easiest thing to do but luckily these free website builders are there to help you out with your coaching class website. Use any of these free sites to create a marvelous website for your coaching class and make your online presence known to all your students. These tools are also very easy to use and can be used easily without any prior technical knowledge; so use them wisely to gain more students and to make your website the best in your area.

Classpro Introduces EnquiryPro

We are extremely happy to launch our new App – EnquiryPro.
Classpro - Enquirypro Android and iOS App
EnquiryPro makes it easier to record the walk-in inquiry at your coaching classes. The faculty can now keep a track of all the inquiries that the coaching class receives and easily manage follow-ups.
The app comes with a form to record the student’s inquiry by filling in the personal details and the course the student wish to enroll.

Save time and collect data efficiently in just 3 simple steps:

Easy Installation
The app can be easily installed on the Tablet which is very easy to carry and use.

Easy Filling
Walk-In Leads can fill the data in a simple form without any hassle.

Check Data
The data filled by parents or students will be stored in the Lead Section of Classpro App.

Classpro - Android and iOS App for Admin

Users can now keep a track of all the leads that a particular branch of the coaching class has received by the walk-in leads.

How EnquiryPro App helps you?

Save Time and Manage Leads
Sometimes the inquiry form that students or parent fill out gets misplaced or lost. Hence, to avoid losing on leads, the user can collect information on EnquiryPro and manage the follow-ups of the leads. This saves time and allows the coaching class to keep a track on the inquiries received for different branches of the coaching class.

Access Anytime, Anywhere
All your data will be stored in the cloud and you can access them any time, from anywhere.

To download the App, Click on the below link:

We are always open to hearing from you, feel free to share it via the comments section below or send us an email at support@classpro.in

Classpro introduces Assignment Module

Classpro has introduced an all-new Assignment module to streamline the process of managing assignment/homework activities. Now faculties can set, track, mark their student’s assignments and communicate with students & parents about the assignment status.

For Faculties:
Giving assignment/homework in the classrooms is always a hassle for the teachers. It is always difficult to check which student has submitted their homework. But now managing these activities has become easy.

  • Faculties can now set assignment/homework ahead of time.
  • They can plan and set homework for students and upload all the supporting documents that students require to complete the homework.
  • Keep a track on submissions which require checking and which student’s assignment/homework are due.
  • Save time by generating comprehensive homework reports instantly. Monitor student’s progress for different subjects and also keep a track on the performance of the Class.

Assignment module

For Students:
Students tend to forget homework because they are always occupied with different activities during the day. Sometimes they remain absent in the classes, they miss their homework and have to contact their friends for notes.
Finishing homework on time to boost their performance, build a sense of responsibility and help them stay focused.

  • The Module comes with homework deadlines which helps them not to forget their homework.
  • With all the supporting documents and details online, students can finish their homework without any stress.

Assignment module

For Parents:
Parents can keep a track of their child’s performance by checking their homework on the Classpro Student login.

  • When the faculty sets a new homework, parents are notified with an email/SMS.
  • They can keep a track of if their child’s homework is completed and see their homework status.

We are always open to hearing from you, feel free to share it via the comments section below or send us an email at support@classpro.in

Classpro is now ready with the power of Instamojo

Classpro - Instamojo IntegrationClasspro is providing the best services of quick payment collection to all its users. In this series of upgrades, we at Classpro are happy to give you the access of Instamojo for quick and easy payments from students/parents. If you are someone who is more into online transactions, then you have definitely heard about Instamojo and if you are not, then we are happy to discuss the advantages of it.
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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Collect Payments Online

classpro payumoney integrationEvery successful business has a thing in common i.e. the online presence to reach maximum clients with the help of internet. It is the advancement of technology which allows us all to access the internet on various devices and this is the reason mobile devices are gaining popularity. The use of smart applications is also trending. Hence there is a specific app for every potential business out there. Definitely, you have spent a lot on a website and app development for your business but when it comes to transactions are you still with the board of CASH ONLY? Don’t say “yes” because if you do then you are sacrificing a lot of customers from this online as well as the offline world.

The most important thing which is necessary to the success of your already established business or startup is that you should choose a platform for the online collection of payments. Here comes the question “why you should” then we will love to answer this query with following six important Reasons:
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Classpro introduces multiple pages website for Coaching Classes

Having a wonderful website is the key to attract the students, arousing their interest and to get them to join for the courses offered in your coaching center. Your website will be the most important tool to provide your targeted audience with all the necessary details about your coaching class as well as the services that you are offering. It will also play an important role in helping the students to put their trust in you and to join your classes.

Website for coaching class

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